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Carnal Orc with Hair Mask – Red


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    Epic Effects Red Carnal Orc with Hair is a full Orc Mask with a ferocious face, perfect for a true orc warrior. This mask has an orcs distinct features, including: a low, furred brow, serrated pointy ears and a flat nose with large nostrils. A black mohawk and sideburns, made from synthetic fur, run from the top of the forehead along the scalp to the base of the neck and along the outer cheeks. The skin is leathery and hand painted black with red highlights, its creases and furrows shaded to give the impression of recent battles. With such attention to detail, this mask achieves an aggressive appearance while also maintaining realism.

    The mask is open at the mouth, displaying the wearers lower lips and most of the chin. This leaves room for the wearer to speak and be heard properly, and allows a much larger range of expressions. Add your own orc teeth to create an even greater effect! The mask is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. The mask is made with good room for breathing and ventilation, thus improving comfort with extended wear. The look and style of the mask can be modified by highlighting it with Epic Effects’ Water Based Makeup from event to event.
    Please Note: Handpainted Item – Exact colors and detailing may vary


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