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Celtic Gloves – Suede Black Leather

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Epic Armourys Celtic Gloves are crafted from well stitched, quality suede leather. An integrated wrist strap can modify the fit of the gloves to the wrist with its adjustable buckle.

Please Note: These gloves tend to run small, if in doubt we recommend ordering one size larger than your usual size.

MaterialSuede Leather
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Celtic Gloves – Suede Black Leather

  1. Josiah Lundstrom

    Better then they look. I bought these for appearances for a LARP, and with heavy use, these gloves are the only leather gear I own that holds up without needing maintenance or modification.

    Only downside would be is that they’re sized for somewhat small hands, but this was forewarned, I just forgot to change it.

  2. Sophia Caldwell (verified owner)

    I live on an unbridged island & use fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm & safe while dealing with marine rope in strong currents. (Feathered marine rope, e.g lobster rope, is VERY high friction & will give you a hell of a burn if it slips on bare skin).
    Being fingerless helps deal with knots and fittings in a hurry (try to do it with mittens or fingered gloves and you will see what I mean) and prevents you from having to wear wet gloves all day.

    These greatly outperform the ones I was wearing before (West Marine), whilst being made of much better materials and inexplicably cheaper. They are comfortable enough to type in. They can be difficult to take off, but this is more of an observation than a criticism since it is typical of the type. I am very impressed.

    The only way these are “costume quality” is if you are going to a costume party at a drug kingpin’s mansion, and you weren’t invited.

    $29.00 for these feels like a typo.

  3. Rissian (verified owner)

    When I ordered these, I ordered the largest size available (XL). I was already expecting them to be a bit tight, and they are, but that’s fine.

    Giving them a close look, however, reveals that stitching is inconsistent between the left and right gloves, and the right glove stitching just looks cheaper comparatively. Even this could be lived with, though it’s a bit of a disappointment.

    Unfortunately though, the seam where the thumb joins the rest of glove on both gloves has began to pull apart immediately after putting them on and taking them off a couple of times, to the point I can see my skin through them. I haven’t done anything other than put them on and take them off, no work or anything like that.

    These gloves will do well enough for the occasional wear, but I have no idea how long they’ll hold up. I’ll take this as a lesson learned, and stick to buying swords.

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