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Iron Tiger Forge – Chinese Han Dynasty Folded Steel Jian

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This Chinese Han Dynasty Jian was forged into form from 1060 and 1045 high carbon steel; these harder and softer steels were folded together to create a single, many-layered blade which combines the softer, flexing steel for durability and the harder steel for edge retention and resilience. The polished blade was finished with an etched dragon on the blade on one side and Chinese characters on the other.

The blade collar is bright brass and the guard and pommel of the hilt are antiqued brass. The wooden grip is bound in a tight and intricate, multi-level wrap of cord. Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard with matching antiqued brass fittings and a tight cord wrap. A wooden gift box for both display and storage is included and it comes with a basic maintenance kit with a cleaning powder ball, a jar of sword oil and wiping cloths.

Overall Length31 5/8''
Blade Length22 3/8''
Weight1 lb 14.6 oz
Width35.5 mm
Thickness8.5 mm - 4.3 mm
P.O.B.3 1/4''
Grip Length7 3/8''
Blade [1060 and 1045 Folded High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerIron Tiger Forge
Country of OriginChina

5 reviews for Iron Tiger Forge – Chinese Han Dynasty Folded Steel Jian

  1. Ray B.

    han dynasty sword This a very well made short han dynesty sword,I have cut various water bottles,mats with no problem .The blade is very attractive like thr handle and the promal.You can use one hand or two which is nice being this is a a short sword.Comes in a nice decortave box with cleaning kit.This is one of the han dynasty I own that is very special.

  2. Daniel Laughingbird

    Amazing quality I have been collecting swords for years, and usually for a sword of this price range, something is going to be inferior. Either the fit and finish, quality assurance testing, or materials will somehow be lacking.

    When I opened the box, I half expected either – A fine looking sword that would not perform well, or a strong blade that isn’t as well crafted as in the photos. Let me tell you, this sword is unlike anything in my collection. This sword could sell for twice the price and be worth every penny.

    Fit and finish – Tight, solid, polished and even, the edge was NEARLY perfectly beveled, but did require some touch up near the tip (a Jian like this only needs to be shaving sharp on the last 3rd of the blade). The Pattern Welded Damascus finish might be less pronounced on this blade than some others, but the pattern is tight, and clear, and the maker did an excellent job bringing the pattern out with some light etching. The Scabbard is a breathtaking work of art, and is fit so perfectly to the blade that there is no perceptable rattle. The wood and finish is both functional and ornamental. This scabbard was made of very high quality dense wood. Unlike Many Katana saya I own, this one is substantial and has mass. The Zinc Alloy/Brass fittings are well done, with very little flash or unintented blemish. A few minutes with a file will fix any that remain, but so far mine is nearly perfect as is.

    Feel: What can be more important at the end of the day than feel? This blade is exquisitely comfortable and light in the hand. The Balance is very well placed, just for enough forward for a Jian so it can cut well, but still nimble enough elegantly manipulate incoming attacks away and piece the target with deep penetration. the blade makes an audible Woosh sound like a Katana with Bo Hi will do, helping you learn the edge alignment. Which is important since this handle is perfectly round like a baseball bat, it takes practice to keep the edge aligned with a sword like that, and this woosh sound will help. The sword has no unreasonably perceptible rattle, or clicks, or wobbles. It feels almost like one solid piece, as if the wood and brass and cord are an illusion.

    Durability/Performance: This is a bit of a grey area, because a Jian of this variety isn’t meant for heavy duty cutting like many Katana are. Not because it lacks quality, but because a Jian of this type is meant for quick nimble cut and thrust fighting, not cleaving oponents in half, nor clashing with heavy swords with heavy solid parry’s. Instead this sword is meant for opening arteries with cuts or thrusts, and maybe lopping off hands. When contacting opponents weapons, you are not supposed to clash strongly, but rather redirect and divert attackers with finesse. The strongest attack this sword would have would be the thrust, the spine and geometry of the blade makes it a fantastic thrusting sword. That being said, in my tests I have no doubt that a single tatami roll should be no problem for this sword, even one handed if you are skilled. But remember, this isn’t a backyard cutter, it won’t set any records for most mats cut in a single stroke. However, if you set up an array of targets, and plan your cuts, you will relish the smooth flow this sword makes possible.

    Flaws: My only concern is the quality of the Tang, and the Pattern Welded Damascus blade. I don’t mind a rat tail screw on pommel, some of the finest swords in history feature that method of construction. However, I am unable to take the sword apart as there are no visible pins and the pommel feels glued or otherwise locked into place. Without being able to inspect the tang, and judging by others I have seen, I imagine this tang to be rather narrow, but “strong enough” for a sword that is meant to be used as a nimble cut and thrust blade of a gentleman scholar. Not a warriors blade of destruction. Also Pattern Welded Damascus can have inclusions and impurities that can create weak parts in the blade that would not otherwise occur in monosteel. Lastly the cord wrap is waxed and stays put pretty good, it’s actually getting more glued into place as the heat from my hand melts it into the handle. However, this cord WILL break down sooner or later. Luckily wrapping this style of grip is easier than Tsuka Maki for a Katana.

    Maintenance – The only gripe I have with this is that the blade is single bevel like a Katana (meaning you need to polish it to sharpen it, OR change the edge bevel to sharpen with a flat bevel). This wouldn’t be a problem except the blade is Damascus patterned, so if you polish it, the pattern will be more subdued unless you etch it again. This means edge maintenance might be a problem for most collectors who don’t know what they are doing. Either way, if you need to sharpen it, you lose something… I personally will change the geometry of the edge. Keep in mind, the edge only needs to be shaving sharp on the last 7-8 inches of the blade. The middle 7-8 can be semi sharp, and the final 3rd near the guard can be totally flat and dull, as it is used for parrying and contact with other blades.

    Final verdict – This sword strikes the perfect balance between form and function, it is a sword you will proudly display, and require people to be respectful of. This isn’t a beater. This is a work of functional art on part with swords twice it’s price. If you don’t mind a little uncertainty over the tang and pommel, you will love this blade.

  3. Andrew

    Beautiful A truly amazing value for a bargain price. There were no visible flaws in its construction. It comes quite sharp out of the box (enough to cut up the box it was shipped in with ease).

    truly a work of art and able to be used for practical purpose. Well worth the wait as it was back ordered.

    The only minor flaw was the blade locks tightly into the scabbard making it a little difficult to draw. I presume after multiple draws this will loosen up. Besides, i rather have it tighter than too loose.

  4. Juan t.

    great sword this thing is beautiful it had a tiny bit of rust on it when i got it but ive removed that already aside from that it is perfect as can be.

  5. Alon Beinstock

    Best sword I own! The title is misleading cause’ it’s the only sword I own. It’s good though, I have no complaints. All the research I did before buying this sword would agree; for the price offered, this is a steal.

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