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Chinese Training Dao


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    This Chinese Training Dao is crafted entirely from solid and durable polypropylene and will stand up to extended practice combat against other polypropylene weapons. Tough and safer than blunted steel, this Dao is a great practice sword for advancing your experience and knowledge.

    Overall Length33 7/8''
    Blade Length25 1/2''
    Weight1 lb 9.4 oz
    Width44.9 mm - 83.9 mm
    Thickness17.8 mm - 12.6 mm
    P.O.B.7 1/4''
    Grip Length6 1/2''
    Blade [Polypropylene]
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for Chinese Training Dao

    1. Simon Dean

      Good for the Price I got a very similar sword to this from the same company, so much of what I say will be applicable to this sword as well as mine. The biggest con about this sword is the flexibility. While not as bad as the rawlings, they thin, broad blade has a tendency to warp in storage, and this warp is something I haven’t been able to fix, even after three years of owning the sword. The handling isn’t bad, as the sword is light, but the handle is very round and awkward. Overall, the balance, durability, and aesthetics are all great, but the round handle and tendency to warp keep this from getting a perfect score. It’s well worth the money.

    2. Scott S.

      Completely unwieldy While the design is nice, it is an extremely thick weapon, and its balance is way too far out from the handle for a cheap trainer. While this may not be too big of a problem for a two handed weapon, the handle is just two short to reasonably hold it that way. Do not attempt to spar with it either, as it’s far too heavy and even with protective gloves and other gear, could still deliver crushing force to your partner. Do not recommend at all.

    3. Sifu D.

      Near perfect. Price, balance, long lasting, and overall weight are fantastic. My 15 year old female student got one of these, and she loves it. Overall, this vague oxtail design balances like my Willow leaf saber, and is excellent in handling.

      As a beginners tool, practice tool for younger students, and an overall less threatening training weapon, these work great. Better than whippy sabers, poorly made wooden sabers, and cheaper than most steel training weapons, this saber is worth buying for drills, forms, two person forms and drills, and even sparring. Reducing the wear on spear shafts is well worth it here.

      Lastly, the one star I took away is simply for the warping that is fairly common. I clamp the blade straight, heat it up with a blow dryer or carefully with a heat gun, let cool, and check it. Sometimes its worse than usual, so I simply clamp the blade with shims in the opposite direction of the bend.

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