The Olde Tavern Pipe, crafted by MacQueen Pipes of Canada, is formed from Birch wood. This pipe looks like it belongs laying on the corner table of a seaside tavern of a port town, in the hand of a patron escaping a bitter evening breeze. It has a large bowl in a form reminiscent of a tankard that is quite deep and allows for a long, uninterrupted smoke. The pipe stem is detachable for easy cleaning. The interior of the bowl is pre-carbonized to protect the wood. Though the Pipe has a flat bottom it does not stand upright on its own – you may wish to add a disc-shaped weight or a heavy coin to its bottom to weigh it down if that is what you desire.

Churchwarden Pipes were once a common fixture in taverns and it was common for a tavern to have a selection of pipes that could be rented out to patrons and travelers to enjoy a smoked pinch of tobacco on the premises.

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