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Coins – Golden Dragons – Set of 30

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Epic Armoury’s new Gold Dragon Coins are 3.1 cm diameter metal discs designed to serve as in-game currency for your game world. With a dragon engraved on one side and the Epic Armoury logo on the other, these coins are made to be durable and attractive. Gold Dragon Coins feel heavy in your hand, seeming more valuable than flimsy alternatives.

Improve the immersion of your game by using these detailed coins for treasure and currency. Purchase your own stash in order to fill your royal coffers and appear as rich as your character claims, or use them to stock your NPCs pockets in the form of desirable loot.

Weight0.2 oz each
DimensionsDiameter: 1 1/8''
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginChina


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