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Cold Steel – German Longsword

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The Cold Steel German Longsword has a blade of 1060 high carbon steel; the crossguard and intricately spiralled, fluted pommel are of steel and the wooden grip is tightly bound in cordage and overlaid with dark oxblood leather.

The wood-core scabbard is wrapped in tight, oxblood leather and finished with a protective steel chape. I has two hanger buckles with knotted leather strips which facilitate wearing the sword and scabbard from a belt with strap attachments (not included).

This responsive and fast sword has a acutely pointed blade that is well-suited for thrusting into the gaps in armor – the blade has a diamond cross section which gives it the necessary stiffness to ensure it can pierce with minimum energy loss. This blade geometry is coupled with the necessary tempering to ensure the blade can sufficiently flex to absorb shock. A large crossguard ring gives good additional hand protection and the fluted pommel is more than just an attractive part of the hilt; in the hands of a capable combatant, it doubles as an excellent, mace-like form for pommel strikes.

Overall Length46 1/8''
Blade Length35 1/4''
Weight3 lb 4.9 oz
Width41.4 mm
Thickness6.2 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.2 3/4''
Grip Length7 7/8''
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginChina

1 review for Cold Steel – German Longsword

  1. Rick M.

    Worth every cent of Kult of Athena’s asking price!! When Cold Steel announced the introduction of this sword, the asking price from Cold Steel was (still is) about $730 plus shipping. I knew that Cold Steel always listed a much higher MSRP than the sword would actually sell for through retailers, so I waited…
    Now that they are available for a much more reasonable price through KoA, I can recommend this sword as being a good sword for a good price. It’s actually quite a well made sword, with excellent fit and finish that handles better than most other swords available in the $400 price range. This is a solid longsword with good dynamics and superior handling characteristics. The 2.75″ balance point makes this sword feel much lighter than it’s 3.35 pound weight.
    Although the sword is well worth the price offered by Kult of Athena, it’s not without it’s drawbacks. First, I think the sword was built with too much emphasis on looks at the expense of function. I really can’t see any reason for the dramatic up-turn/down-turn guard. Because I sometimes fence left handed, I discovered that when using a left hand grip, with the side-ring out as it is meant to be, the down-turned guard digs into the left wrist which limits mobility and also hurts like hell.
    The side-ring also seems like an afterthought and is a bit flimsy.
    The scabbard is a real treat at this price point. Instead of a bulky, poorly fitting ugly scabbard, this comes with a very nice, well fitting scabbard that includes suspension straps. Too bad they don’t offer a matching sword belt as an option.
    cold Steel advertises this as a “high end” European Longsword. In fact though it’s just a good mid range sword, and at the sub $400 price point available here, it’s a very good deal!

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