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Cold Steel Gladius Machete

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Modeled after the classic Roman Gladius, the Cold Steel Gladius Machete is durable at a super low price. The Gladius Machete features a 1055 carbon steel blade with blackened finish and a thickened and reinforced tip. The hilt is made of high impact Polypropylene making it practically indestructible and impervious to the elements. Include a Cordura belt sheath.

Overall Length26 1/2''
Blade Length18 5/8''
Weight1 lb 11.8 oz
EdgeUnsharpened (blunt tip)
Width53.9 mm - 59.5 mm
Thickness2.8 mm
P.O.B.3 1/2''
Grip Length4''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginSouth Africa

7 reviews for Cold Steel Gladius Machete

  1. Combs

    Not bad, not bad at all. This review, as is, is a bit late, but I must say, for a first buy into the world of weapons, I was impressed: the blade was sharp, it felt good in my hands, and the need to have a feel for a gladius styled sword was satisfied. It also arrived on fair timing, with the Cold Steel Trench Axe and Kukri Machete (which I am also happy with both, as well). All in all, I would point anyone to this site for their weapon-be it decorative or battle ready-desires. Once revenue isn’t a major concern, I plan to shop here often.

  2. Richard Scroggins

    I keep this one in the truck at all times. I bought this several years ago and it stays in the back of my truck. Any time I need to hack some limbs on a trail or need a machete, it is there. I love the design. I added the sharpening service and man is this thing sharp. It also hold an edge well. Because of this design of the handle, this has good balance and is functional as a battle weapon should you ever need it. I am always amazed at how well machetes hold up under the greatest punishment. I live out in the country and all of my machetes get abused but keep on going and this item is no exception.

  3. Nathan E.

    Very impressed This is essentially the AK-47 of swords its cheap but very effective for the price! I have bought three of these at one time on account of the price all of them have had damage to the tip after thrusting, now while the steel does seem a bit on the soft side, i believe that is more due to the TINY tip, it is pretty much a needle point. So expect some tip damage almost immediately even against milk jugs, but after some basic grinding to repair the tip it is thick enough, it is definitely well worth the price not quality at its finest, but for the price cant beat it, i have bought 3 as said previously i have given one two a friend perfect defensive weapon in a pinch, belt sheath is solid and give excellent weapon retention, perfect for so many uses and if it breaks? Or bends ( unlikely on both accounts from my testing ) for the price just buy another or several, very good way to arm alot of people in your family very affordablely, and with the sword that conquered the world no less

  4. McM

    A sword that’s called a machete… I didn’t buy this from KOA, so this is a brief insight of the product itself….and my statement will be brief. In short, if the ancient Romans would have had a sword this good…we would all be speaking Italian right now. Bring on the wine and the Gladiators! Simply put,….if you don’t have one….get one. Now. ;)

  5. Crazy blind Jake

    A great blade for the price. Mine came extremely Sharp and is very nice indeed. Pick one up you won’t be disappointed. The reviews I put on here aren’t necessarily the exact same as the reviews I’ve done elsewhere. That being said definitely an accurate review as far as stars is concerned.

  6. RyTheBladeCollector

    I did not buy this sword from here. Nevertheless I’ve had mine for quite a while and I would have to say the other 5 star reviews are well earned. I’ve used this thing to chop firewood multiples times for multiple camping trips and it’s hardly even dulled. In fact it remains so sharp that I’m scared to touch the blade. I have no doubt that this sword will defeat any bushes it comes in contact with.
    If you need a good hardly close quarters weapon, then I’d also say this would quite easily do the trick. Honestly I can’t find anything wrong with it. The only think I’d probably improve is to perhaps make the grooves on the grip deeper and wrap them with something. Sweat might make the handle a bit slippery, but a glove would take care of that problem.
    Once you but one for yourself and start cutting with it, you’ll see why it was the Romans favorite.

  7. John Edgar

    I feel like I owe KoA an apology for this, but I too did not buy mine here. However, I can vouch for the good things the other reviewers are saying here about the Cold Steel Gladiator Machete. One thing I’d like to add: the Specifications for this sword here on the KoA page mentions that the sword arrives dull, with a blunt point. That’s probably just an honest error or glitch, but mine arrived RAZOR sharp with a needle-sharp point. It also came nicely, but not excessively, oiled. The balance is decent; it is not tip-heavy. It is very much a thin, machete like blade, but I suppose you’re not going to be chopping through trees or chain mail with it. The price absolutely makes these worth buying, but don’t expect the sheath to be overly impressive. That’s fine; the money went into the sword, not the sheath. Thanks.

    • David Weiss

      Hi John – Cold Steel has only shipped us blunts of this model for the last 8 months; we will take a look at our next shipment!

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