A companion sword to Cold Steels Golden Lion Katana, this Wakizashi matches it in craftsmanship and finish. Paired together they make a suitable daisho sword set. The blade is forged from folded steel and has been differentially tempered to possess a hardened edge coupled with a shock absorbing body and spine. Its Bo-Hi spine reduces weight and improves balance and handling for the warrior who desires a dextrous and swift-striking sidearm sword which still retains a substantial amount of cutting power.

The tsuba, fuchi and kashira hilt fittings are of iron and are well-detailed in 24 karat gold leaf. The grip is wood and has panels of inlaid rayskin which is overlaid with knotted black tsuka-ito cord; a pair of brass menuki are fitted beneath the ito folds to complete the sword.

The saya scabbard is crafted from wood and has a glossy black lacquer finish and a black cord sageo. Included with the Wakizashi is an embroidered sword bag.

Please Note: Although these items are brand new & coming from Cold Steel some of the sayas /scabbards may suffer from minor scuffs & scrapes. We can no longer weed out the “blemished” items from this product as the majority of them come this way. Swords are still inspected by K.O.A. for more major defects.