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Cold Steel Hand and a Half Sword – 9 7/16” Grip

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The Cold Steel Hand and a Half sword has a sharp blade of 1050 high carbon steel. Its guard and pommel are of nickel silver and the grip is wrapped in supple black leather. Its scabbard has a core of wood and an outer layer of black leather with nickel silver fittings.

Though deemed a Hand and a Half sword, this sword has a grip length and handling characteristics that would be fitting for a longsword. The long grip gives the wielder plenty of leverage to maneuver the sword quickly and to strike decisively.

This sword tends to have a guard that is slightly loose. Unfortunately, this issue is so common that it seems to effect the majority of them. We are no longer trying to quality control these out, so please keep this in mind when ordering. This can not be considered a defect and we can not exchange them for this issue.

Overall Length46 1/8''
Blade Length33 11/16''
Weight3 lb 2.9 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width44.4 mm
Thickness6 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.3 3/4''
Grip Length9 7/16''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
TypeHand and a Half Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginChina

10 reviews for Cold Steel Hand and a Half Sword – 9 7/16” Grip

  1. Raven M.

    good blade for a good deal I purchased this sword as my first after a long period of consideration. I have abused it to all shit and still it works and performs well to this day. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star was because furnishing on the scabbard came of and I had to reattach it with epoxy. Once I seen you guys allowed reviews I had to.

  2. Thomas R.

    Fantastic first sword This was the first sword I’ve ever purchased after careful consideration, and I couldn’t be happier. The blade comes very sharp indeed, as advertised. With proper edge alignment, it’ll cut through most targets with ease. What’s more, I’ve beat the heck out of it with targets I probably shouldn’t hit but I’ve had no problems, not even dulling. My favorite thing about this sqord, though, is the balance. If your forward hand is up to the crossguard, you barely feel the weight of the sword, making it very easy to handle and manuver. My only warning is that you buy it from here or somewhere else that sells it with the 9 and 7/16″ handle, because having a shorter handle not onlyour throws off the balance, but greatly decreases your leverage (I bought the cold steel hand and a polypropylene trainer as well, but the handle is shorter and it handles MUCH differently, and with more difficulty)

    Overall, fantastic product.

  3. Silvo

    Bought two, one was great! I had the pleasure of being able to purchase two of these swords for friends of mine as gifts, I purchased the first one and was very impressed with it, the sword had good make and flex.

    This being the case I ordered a second, it was much stiffer and didn’t vibrate well, I’m only getting into swords now but the second version I received seems that it has a higher likelihood of breaking from use.

  4. Tahari Withers

    I love this sword! This sword is quite the looker and I have been testing it for a long time now on water bottles (everything from tiny plastic bottles to hard milk jugs) and it has not let me down. It keeps its edge very well! The scabbard is a nice leather/wood/metal combo that works, and looks decent! One problem with it is the guard on it might get a little wobbly from usage, but i haven’t seen any real problems with it, it just moves a little. The leather on the hilt is nice and the pommel is very comfortable to hold. All in all it is a very nice sword for a very nice price!

  5. MicronV

    Love! Just buy it! Don’t think about it, don’t ask your wife. Just buy it! I love this sword even more so than my DSA Sword! Very Sharp, Very strong, Excellent balance, and over all amazing for this price all I can say is WOW!

  6. Ashanti Z.

    Great first sword This sword is almost perfect, it prob has some of the best response and balance of most of the swords I have used, some of which include an Arms and Armor sword, an Albien Regent, and some other well made blades. I would use this as my primary sword, over the Durer, if the blade was a harder steel.

    The problem is in the execution. the handle is kind of wiggly and not super easy to find the edge everytime, I ended up needing to rebuild the handle and making it much closer to the Albien Earl handle and attaching it like Albien attaches their handles. The blade is on the soft side and needs constant resharpening. this sword could be an amazing sword but it is still a good first sword, especially if you want to learn to sharpen, hand sharpen or mod a sword…

  7. Paul Brooks

    an extension of my arm i take this sword everywhere. even if it sits in the car or truck or by my bed at the hotel. the chape is loose on the sheath though and the wood is super thin as well as the leather. easily damaged or snapped.
    stitching on the handle runs down the spine, perfect for keeping your edge in line with your swings and makes finding or creating a primary edge easier.

    hard to use in confined spaces though. more of an open field sword.

    pommel sometimes scratches my arm pretty bad. using bracers helps with that.

  8. iamcats9

    Solid Came with an edge that you could shave with, no complaints there, the whole sword fit together with no rattling or loose fittings, the guard was tight. Holds up to cutting bottles, black berries, small (3 inch at the largest) trees and branches whiteout any noticing each edge damage, from my experience it is well worth the money!

  9. Jeremy

    You won’t find a better functional Medieval sword. I’m typically more of a Katana fan, but I’d always wanted a functional Medieval sword, and this one was PERFECT. The weight of the sword alone was enough to start cutting through the box. Expertly made, great scabbard, and a razor-sharp edge. The leather on the handle is a bit thin, but the blade is absolutely flawless. Well-balanced, but for me, it’s a bit long for one-handed use.

  10. Robert O.

    Best for the Buck Got this sword a few months ago. Still haven’t had a chance to cut with it but it handles very nicely. Also very beautiful. It just draws your eyes right to it. I have had no issues with loose fittings or rattling crossguard yet, but as I said I still haven’t cut with it. This one has a longer grip than the ones you’ll find on Amazon or similar websites, which gives it an amazing agility advantage. I have created a Weapon Agility Graph for it to the best of my ability (which is quite questionable TBH). I’ll post the link below. This is probably the best sword of this type that you can get for this price. It’s not an Albion, but who can afford those anyway? Cold Steel uses adequate quality steel and tempers it correctly. I’ve owned several of their 1055 steel swords before and they’ve all performed well. Decent edge retention and impressive durability. As others have said, it came paper-shaving sharp. Would definitely recommend.

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