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Cold Steel – Man At Arms Collection – Gothic Mace


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    Cold Steels Man at Arms Collection Gothic Mace is constructed from 1055 high carbon steel and finished with a darkly blued finish. Like historical examples the shaft is thick-walled and hollow to reduce weight. The grip is wrapped in stitched black leather.

    With a weighty head this flanged mace is designed to grab onto the curved surfaces of plate armor to give it enough purchase to avoid deflection, thus allowing the flanges to reliably pound and puncture the armored defense of the poor soul within. Though a warrior in full plate harness has little to fear from the cut of a sword, he would surely give great caution when facing a foe with such a flanged mace. A spiked finial top and a conical pommel allow for the ends of the mace to be used as weapons when the scrum gets too close for swinging or for striking when the opportunity presents itself.

    This stout mace will require a strong hand to wield single-handedly with agility. The long grip gives ample length to allow for the use of two hands to impart maximum crushing power.

    Please Note: While all-steel maces are sturdy they are not indestructible. They were designed for striking targets softer and less dense than the mace – namely warriors wearing steel armor which was considerably thinner than the mace flanges. Bashing a steel mace onto concrete roads, dense trees and wood beams, cinder blocks, I-beams and other hard or dense targets may result in bending the steel mace, damaging its flanges or causing other damage.

    Overall Length28''
    Weight2 lb 14.3 oz
    Grip LengthGrip Length: 7''
    DimensionsLength of Mace Flanges 4 1/4''
    Material1055 High Carbon Steel
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerCold Steel
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for Cold Steel – Man At Arms Collection – Gothic Mace

    1. Jordan h.

      first real mace i have bought shipping was fast, did some miner stress testing with the Gothic mace on some cardboard boxes, water bottles and jugs, nothing has not gotten lose, but doing miner stress testing i do not know what its limits are but i love this mace the price is fair.

    2. Matt H.

      Good looking Mace; Could be stronger It’s an elegant looking piece, but I couldn’t recommend it for any truely heavy duty use or actual combat. A moderate blow to a standing rotting pallet caused the head to outright bend. Whether or not this was misuse isn’t necessarily clear, but one would think that something this solid and steely wouldn’t have to be used with the same constraints one would have with a sword, as weapons like these were deployed against hard and the like. Anyways, striking a few times after flipping the mace around buckled the head back to an almost true position as it was out of the box, somewhat remedying the bend.

      Judging from other reviews on similar products from other companies, the bending seems to be a common issue, certainly not limited to Cold Steels interpretation of this weapon.

      I think the best way is to ditch the softer 1055 steel and fabricate it from a 9260 Spring Steel, with a hollow shaft that has a fiberglass splint reinforcement running down the shaft and across the inner diameter.

      TL;DR – It bends just like all the others, there’s a reason Cold Steel doesn’t have a video up of them using it.

    3. Ojangles

      For the price it’s definitely a good mace, I’ve had mine for awhile and every time I get rid of old stuff in my house I always break it down with this mace first before throwing it in the dumpster and it’s still holding up, my only issue is it’s not exactly historically accurate and the spike at the top is extremely dull but honestly you arnt really going to be using the spike anyway.

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