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Cold Steel Spike Hawk

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While it’s certainly capable of performing utility chores, the Cold Steel Spike Hawk really excels when it’s used as a weapon. With one highly effective edge and a long spike, it puts any adversary on the horns of a fierce dilemma: Face the edge in brutal chopping, cutting, slashing and gouging attacks, or risk getting huge deep holes punched in you by the fearsome spike. To make matters even worse for an attacker, either end of the hawk can be used to hook or trap an opponent’s weapon, neck, arm or leg, to control or manipulate the situation to one’s advantage. Furthermore, the overall length of the of the hawk measures 9″ across making it a wide, stiff platform that can be punched into an incoming weapon arm to momentarily stop its forward motion and immobilize it.

Overall Length22''
Blade Length3 3/16''
Weight1 lb 9.7 oz
ClassBattle Ready
CultureNative American
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginTaiwan

5 reviews for Cold Steel Spike Hawk

  1. D.J.

    All around AWESOME! I purchased this hawk about a year ago and after all that time of intense use in the back woods of northern Minnesota, I can safely say that this tomahawk is a BEAST! I’ve cleared trails, built hunting blinds, split kindling, dug in the frozen ground with the spike, and done throwing competitions, this little beast took it all on and never once had any issues! A beautiful tool for the small investment it cost!

  2. Mark Moore

    Bad to the bone……. I agree with D.J. on everything he said. The Spike hawk is AWESOME, as are all the rest of the CS hawks. I own the Norse, Pipe, and Spike and love every one. Just do like I did with mine and ‘spiff ’em up’ a bit. Sand or wire wheel brush that ugly black paint off the head, and sand down the handle and put on some nice walnut stain. Or….do it like I did mine….tac-style…all flat black with a paracord wrap on the haft. All of these hawks are worth every penny. Buy them all(from KoA, of course), have fun customizing them, and you will have a neat collection to be proud of. And don’t be dumb and throw away a perfectly good hawk. ……McM

  3. GJ

    Great one! All the cold steel hawks are great. They are small, but the speed at which you can swing them mean the impact they have is great. The Spike Hawk is unique in that the back spike can be used for a variety of tasks. It can be used to dig, climb, carry wood, or even pierce a helm if you ever wanted to do that. The quality is pretty consistent, and they are deferentially hardened, which is really hard to find in this price range.
    Tip: throw away the set screw and sand the haft in order to get a really good friction fit between the head and the haft.

  4. Paul G.

    Great Tool The Spike Hawk is my one and only tomahawk. The blade is a bit narrow for a slicing cut that I’m use to but works well for a chop or push cut. The spike is what makes this hawk and the reason I bought it. I bought it with the idea of using the spike as a hook but find that either side can be used as such, but the spike is better. I used the spike to reach high overhead vines and bring them down to cut. The spike will do about everything from holing a cocoanut in order to insert a straw to piercing the hard, baked like dirt in my garden that forms during dry season. A regular size pike axe is too heavy and large to work around the plants. I exchanged the haft for the longer 30” type used on CS War Hammer giving the hawk a boost in power and reach. As for the factory finish, I wouldn’t touch it as its anti-corrosion properties work great here in the tropics. I use my hawk as an utility tool but it would make a great weapon if need be as it is fast and easily handled.

  5. Elias Katsaros (verified owner)

    Very nice Spike Hawk , I bought this just from curiosity, and I like it !

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