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Cold Steel Training Buckler

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This small buckler is made of polpropylene providing a virtually indestructible training aid for use with wood or poly swords. Not for use with steel weapons.

Dimensions12'' x 12''
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginTaiwan

3 reviews for Cold Steel Training Buckler

  1. Glock Osborne

    Functional and Light I waited a decade to get some non steel buckler for my 1.33 study. With these, we can use synthetic single handed wasters or wooden wasters for the S&B technical. Good price and they don’t rust obviously. One word of caution. Dumbasses and newbs will pick this up and use steels on it leaving crowsbeaks on the edge and divots in the face (when they think you are not looking.) Remember to tell them off. About the material itself, it’s sort of absorbs a lot of shock, whereas a steel buckler transfers it through to the hand. The handle has flats on it to prevent the buckler turning when struck. Good idea.

  2. GJ

    Very good Great buckler. VERY sturdy. I’ve seen destructive tests on these, and they hold up very well. Of course it will not withstand damage in the same way a metal one will, but in other ways it is actually tougher.

  3. Rajeev M.

    Bullet resistant??? Apparently. Blood & Iron has YouTube video where this buckler survives gunfire. At their HEMA school, they use this polymer buckler. Unlike other bucklers I see for sale, this one has an excellent handle. I think this is a great buckler.

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