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Cold Steel War Hammer

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Though the sword is the archetypal weapon of the knightly class, many of them began to give the weapon a secondary role; the sword was ill-equipped to deal with plate armor. Although variations would develop to combat armor, many warriors instead turned to war hammers. For if his opponents armor had developed to the point where puncturing it was difficult, why not then just batter him with concussive weapons? The war hammer, had more than enough kinetic power, even in a single-handed variant, to defeat armor-clad men. Many War Hammers, such as this example, had a long pick for the explicit purpose of puncturing like a driven spike into armor. Unlike earlier swords which would flex with impact and fail to deliver enough energy for a puncture of plate armor, the solid, unyielding spike had more than enough power to break through the toughest of armor and helmets with a solid hit.

This War Hammer by Cold Steel has a drop forged head of blackened 1055 High Carbon steel. It comes with a haft of Hickory wood. Assembly for this item is required to attach the head and its langets to the shaft. Instructions and components necessary are included.

5 reviews for Cold Steel War Hammer

  1. Scott C.

    Everything I Wanted. The war hammer arrived quickly. Arrived with instructions and everything I needed to assemble the weapon. Really light and well balanced for a hammer. I love it.

  2. Drew A.

    Nice roofing hammer. Just kidding, though it does a nice job at mashing and smashing. I like how it feels when swinging it. Light enough for one handed use but long enough handle for the extra power of a two handed swing.

  3. GJ

    Great hammer Not exactly historically accurate as much as historically inspired. Still, the haft is hickory and the hammer head is deferentially hardened. Those two aspects are hard to find on pieces like this. The price point makes it all the better.

    Tip: throw away the set screw and perhaps the langlets. A little effort to sand the haft and fit the head properly makes this item just right.

  4. Evan

    Simple yet effective I recently got this piece and so far I’m enjoying it, it’s affordable and effective although certain features were altered/left out to decrease price without quality so much. For example there is clearly no thrusting spike on the top and they use cheap screws for the shaft gaurds, so long as you prepare drill when assembling they should be fine. Only negative aspects to its function so far is that it seems to deflect a bit and when using the spike you may be hitting short of your target due to its decieving downward sloap. The head is staying on ok so far, overall I recommend :thumbsup:

  5. Campbell

    Really disappointed in the overall quality. Followed the instructions as provided. Half of the provided screw heads sheared off, and that was with me drilling with the recommended 1/32 drill bit and with plenty of depth. I’m pretty confidant the only reason the other half arent broken because I didn’t screw them in all the way, out of fear since thats when the others broke,and are partially sticking out of the langet.

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