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Condor Naval Cutlass


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    The Condor Naval Cutlass has a classic cutlass blade crafted from 1075 high carbon steel which is finished with a durable black epoxy powder coating and a sharpened cutting edge. The hilt is composed of a strong, single-piece guard of black-coated steel and two triple-riveted halves of hardwood over the blade tang to ensure that it is a durably constructed cutlass.

    The Cutlass comes with a fitted sheath of thick and strongly-stitched leather complete with a hanging belt loop for wear. The belt loop can swivel, allowing the sword to either be worn vertically or at an angle.

    Overall Length29 1/2''
    Blade Length23 1/2''
    Weight1 lb 8 oz
    Width32.9 mm
    Thickness2.9 mm - 2.6 mm
    P.O.B.6 1/8''
    Grip Length5''
    Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginEl Salvador

    4 reviews for Condor Naval Cutlass

    1. RJR

      surprisingly good Good value is an understatement. This sword handles marvelously well (especially for a cutlass), and cuts readily and easily. It does not receive 5 stars because of the guard being less than excellent protection in size and thickness and because the blade has a slight lateral movement that I personally prefer to do without. However, that flex comes from being a light, nimble and lightening fast blade. That blade does not reduce cutting ability when proper technique is used, nor does it affect parries when does properly. The clip point is not optimized for thrusting (having a front cutting surface rather then much of a penetrating point), but works well if the angles are proper (i.s. not just straight), as in a rising boar’s tooth or a descending thrust from the hanging guard. The sword weighs 1.5 pounds, the scabbard another half so the covered sword is useful for solo exercise. The grip is large enough for my hands , but perhaps a but thick for smaller people (I am 6’+ and 215lbs). As a matter of taste I would haver preferred bright steel, but the black is well presented. This sword is much in the historical spirit of cutlasses – cheap and effective.

    2. TLB, F.

      Outstanding Bought it to hack my way thru’ gorse and other spiny stuff at work. Worth every penny as a working tool: easy enough to carry, does not lose it’s sharpness and surprisingly efficient once you got used to it. Handle may be a little bit too thick for smallish hands (women co-workers who tried it told me so) but it can be thinned quite easily – or so I think.

      Final price with shipping and french customs: 120€ more or less.

    3. Shane G.

      Excellent for your money This cutlass is perfect for someone who wants a good sword for comparatively little money. The materials are good and it feels sturdy. The edge was, out of the box, close to Buck-knife sharpness. This weighs a little more than a machete, but that weight is distributed over two feet, allowing for agile movement and fast back-and-forth horizontal slashes. The blade is not overly flexible, and doesn’t wobble during swinging, nor when I wiggle it side-to-side. I’m a small guy (for you) with baby hands, but I can handle this easily and without too much exertion. The handle is 3 cm wide (between the two sides of the brass rivets) and 3.2 cm thick, and I can grip it with one hand comfortably. This sword is of amazing quality for the price. I’ve been wanting to own a sword for years, but I didn’t want to pay $300 and way beyond for a good one, nor pay $50 for a sharpened piece of Chinanium at a flee market. I’m glad I bought this.

      Also, the scabbard is good.

    4. Connor c (verified owner)

      I’ve had 2 of these now the first one I got was from amazon and broke the moment I hit something with it (must have been a bad one offloaded on a shifty seller or something), but I liked how it handled so much that I decided to get a new one from KOA. The one I got here seems to be tough and after some sharpening cuts amazingly well. handles very well for a machete very predictable and the weight seems just about right. not so good in the thrust due to the broad tip and the flex in the blade. my main complaint is that the grip is almost square in cross-section so its a bit awkward out of the box

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