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Dagr – Medieval War Hammer


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This hefty late Medieval war hammer has a head of tempered high carbon steel which is mounted onto a hardwood haft and secured with riveted langets. Its end cap is steel and the grip is bound in leather and secured with antiqued brass studs.

    Even the most-well armoured of medieval warriors would need to have great caution when fighting a foe with such a hammer, for the large Corvus Ravens Beak pick-like spike is one of the most substantial we have seen and is eminently suited to delivering fatal puncturing blows through layers of armor, mail and gambeson. Its hammer end is not to be ignored and the substantial mass of the head delivers pulverizing blows when it connects to a woefully unfortunate foe.

    Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, this item can vary in the detailing of its leather and studs.

    Overall Length24 1/4''
    Weight2 lb 15.7 oz
    MaterialCSN14260 High Carbon Steel
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginCzech Republic

    6 reviews for Dagr – Medieval War Hammer

    1. Jaredtime

      Solid Looks really good, but it’s a real beast. The square haft is a little uncomfortable, and it’s very heavy for use with one hand. Could probably derail a train with it, though.

    2. Jaredtime

      A beast Well made. Very heavy. Made to be wielded with one hand, but it’s not possible for anyone with average strength. More a sledgehammer than a warhammer.

    3. Michael Leak

      Well made. But the only disappointment is the metal parts, hammer head and the metal bar that holds the hammer in place is black not silver tone. Tried to remove black color off the hammer head buy to no avail. Called company but they did not know how that could happen. I could of mailed it back for an exchage but I kept it anways,

    4. Lore

      A beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Quite heavy. If you are strong enough to wield it, ideal for dinosaur hunt or smashing Terminators.

    5. SirLogan

      Well made warhammer. well matched and well balanced. enough weight to strike foe.
      I think this warhammer is not that heavy. It’s avarage weight for warhammer.
      but mine came with rust. WD-40 or any good oil can solve that matter, but all in all it’s kind of con.

    6. Baton fighter

      Str requirement: 18

      It’s not only that it’s heavy, it’s that ALL of its weight is in its head, so it’s front-balanced to an extreme degree, which makes it very, very difficult to use with one hand. You’ll need way above average hand and wrist/forearm strength to handle it adroitly. (If you can close a CoC #2 gripper, or deadlift about 600 pounds without straps, you’ll probably be okay. Otherwise, you might want to get something smaller and lighter.)

      That said, it’s long enough that you can use it with two hands, or you can choke up on it (grip it halfway up the shaft) which makes it much easier and less fatiguing to use.

      If you can handle it, it’s very robust and well-built, capable of splitting shields and literally destroying reproduction plate armor.

      So this is a credible but “heroic” weapon: A weapon that’s definitely not fit for the average person, but one which an unusually strong and capable warrior could have used to sow havoc on battlefields.

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