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Dragon King – Damascus and Rosewood Octopus Sword Cane

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This genteel and mysterious sword cane is stoutly constructed and bears the heft of solid craftsmanship; the eye-fetching Octopus grip of antiqued cupronickel is solid, weighty and highly detailed. The cane sheath and grip are crafted from polished, dark Rosewood and fitted with collars of etched cupronickel with elaborate etchings of tumultuous ocean waves.

The grip has an integrated button lock which automatically locks the blade in place when sheathed, with sllight pressure on the button the blade is unlocked and ready to be unsheathed in short order.

The sword blade is forged from damascus steel with an appearance in itself akin to rippling water from its visible layers of melded steel. Most of the blade is unsharpened, but the tip of the blade is sharpened to reduce drag on this piercing weapon as it is thrust into its target.

The bottom of the cane sheath is finished with a hard rubber tip.
Please Note: This item can not be shipped to CA or WI – International restrictions may also apply.

Overall Length37 3/8''
Blade Length22 3/8''
Weight1 lb 9 oz
Width18 mm
Thickness6.4 mm - 3.1 mm
P.O.B.- 1/2''
Grip Length3 3/8''
Blade [Damascus Steel]
DimensionsOverall Length when Unsheathed: 29 7/8''
TypeSword Cane
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDragon King
Country of OriginChina


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