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Darksword Armory Two Handed Gothic Sword


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    Based on a late 15th century German original, the Darksword Armory Two Handed Gothic Sword features a thick, tempered, high carbon steel blade with central fuller. The guard and pommel are steel while the grip is wood covered in black leather. Includes a wood scabbard with black leather wrap and steel tip.

    Overall Length49 1/2"
    Blade Length38 1/2"
    Weight3.28 LB
    Width1 3/4"
    Thickness6 mm - 3.3 mm
    Guard Depth1 1/4"
    P.O.B.32 1/4"
    Grip Length7 1/4"
    Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDarksword Armory
    Country of OriginCanada

    Darksword Armory Gothic Longsword Review & Test Cutting

    DARKSWORD ARMORY 'Medieval Two Handed Gothic Sword' REVIEW

    2 reviews for Darksword Armory Two Handed Gothic Sword

    1. Kerry

      Love my sword I’ve owned this sword for years. At first I was disappointed. But as I learned more about how to use a sword, this sword quickly became one of my favorite. It is like a hybrid sword. It’s not the quickest,but very quick. It’s not the best cutter, but cuts great. It’s not the best thruster, but thrusts wonderfully. It’s feels light, but it weighs 3.5lb. It’s stiff yet very flexible. The finish is good yet fairly priced. The ultimate all around long sword for the buck.

    2. alientude

      One of the worst swords I’ve ever used, and comparing the sword I have with other reports on this model show why – it’s a completely different sword. Mine weighs in at 2 lbs 12 oz, and is extremely light, but entirely too flexible. In addition, the sharpening on it is atrocious (blame DSA here, not Kult of Athena, as it was DSA who sharpened it).

      The hilt is visibly full of epoxy, but the crossguard has come loose, and the peen is suspect – it only slightly overlaps the slot in the pommel, with visible voids (filled with epoxy) around it. I have no confidence the hilt is solidly constructed.

      Unfortunately, this kind of wild variance seems to be all too common with Darksword Armory. Sometimes you might get a good sword. Sometimes you get a complete dud.

      I did an overly long and exhaustive review on YouTube:

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