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Darksword Crusader Dagger – Brown with Integrated Scabbard Frog

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Practically everyone had a lethal blade on hand at all times in the Middle Ages, the poorest may have only a basic, utility knife, but those who could afford it would carry a dagger purpose built for defense. The dagger was ideal for fighting in small, indoor areas and much fighting, even if it started with larger weapons, degenerated into grappling and was ended by a dagger thrust. On the field the dagger was a trusty sidearm for when a main weapon was broken or lost. In the aftermath of battle, the wounded who were not worth the trouble to ransom, and those who were beyond medical attention, were often given the coup de gre with the dagger. Naturally, being an item that most people wore, those who could afford to would embellish their daggers to reflect their status.

This Darksword Armory dagger is clearly the dagger of a medieval warrior. Purpose built solely for war, it has a tapered blade profile so that it can slip between and through the weak points in armor. The crossguard gives good protection to the hand. The blade is crafted from unsharpened, 1060 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are of steel and the grip is wood overlaid with brown leather. Comes with a wood-core scabbard that has been tightly overlaid with brown leather. It has an integrated, interwoven belt frog.

Overall Length17 1/2"
Blade Length12 1/8"
Weight1.25 LB
Width1 1/2"
Thickness4.2 mm - 3.4 mm
Guard Depth1/2"
Grip Length3 1/2"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDarksword Armory
Country of OriginCanada

2 reviews for Darksword Crusader Dagger – Brown with Integrated Scabbard Frog

  1. Jacketch

    Darksword Crusader Dagger – Brown with Integrated Scabbard Frog – DSA1814BRS I recently purchased the Darksword Crusader Dagger with included scabbard. This item was obtained to go with my Albion 2Gen Knight XII sword and B. Bates scabbard. The blade, guard, handle and pommel match the sword fairly well if not exactly. The knife is well made with a half fullered blade (unsharpened on mine) that is well done if a little to well polished for me. A once over with a Scotchbrite pad and it now matches the satin finish of the sword blade. The straight guard is swelled in the center and they did a excellent job of finishing and fitting it. The reddish brown leather covering on the handle is plain as to be expected on a knife at this price point but it really looks good and works great for what it is. The pommel is the only part of the knife that is a bit disappointing due to the slightly lower lever of finish quality. No bad per se but not up to the rest of the knife. They did fortunately provide a milled recess in the pommel face that could be improved by the addition of a coin or medallion of correct size.

    The scabbard is reasonably well made and matches the dagger style. It appears to be a wood or composite core covered in leather with a leather lace that suspends the dagger from the sword belt. The scabbard includes a chape and is constructed with a rain guard at the top. The only complaint is that the core is large enough inside that the blade anoyingly bumps inside when jiggled. Not a major fault but something that could be improved.

    I’m pleased with the dagger partly due to the quality vs cost and partly due to how well it goes with my Albion Knight. I’d definitely buy it again.

  2. Cody B.

    Excellent Dagger I love this dagger. It’s the nicest piece I own. Very good quality. Looks exactly like all of the pictures. Everything is fitted very well, and the finish is great. Very, very good dagger for the price.

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