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Darksword Oslo Two Handed Viking Sword


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This fantasy piece is inspired by the Scandinavian knotwork that adorns the Oslo longship. No historical examples of two-handed Viking swords exist, as warriors preferred the protection provided by a shield (armor had not advanced sufficiently to discard it). This sword however, captures the fierce brutality that these iconic raiders could exhibit in between their nuanced storytelling and advanced craftsmanship. Perhaps a sword such as this could have become a favored weapon of a Viking berserker, as a testament in Hrolf’s Saga of King Halfdan’s berserks exhibits: ”On these giants fell sometimes such a fury that they could not control themselves, but killed men or cattle, whatever came in their way and did not take care of itself. While this fury lasted they were afraid of nothing…This fury lasted about one day.” – Perhaps a man such as this would like such a large, fearsome sword.

    Made by Darksword Armory, this sword has a blade of 5160 high carbon steel. The dual-tempered blade has a shock-resistant core (48-50 HRC) and harder edges that will resist dulling (60 HRC). The grip is wood and tightly wrapped and stitched over with black leather. The guard and pommel are crafted from cast bronze and the sword comes with a wood-core scabbard, wrapped in form-fitting black leather.

    Overall Length41 7/8"
    Blade Length30 1/8"
    Weight3 lbs 4 oz
    EdgeSlightly Sharp
    Width51 mm
    Thickness6 mm - 3.5 mm
    Guard Depth`
    P.O.B.3 3/4"
    Grip Length10"
    Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDarksword Armory
    Country of OriginCanada

    Testing the Oslo Viking Sword From Darksword Armory

    1 review for Darksword Oslo Two Handed Viking Sword

    1. mhj

      Two handed Viking sword The blade is beautifully shaped, polished and grip is well wrapped and comfortable. Sheath is very well made as you would expect from Darksword. My only disappointment is the guard and pommel. They appear to be aluminum and are much duller than the shiny blade which really makes them stand out, but not in a good way. The knot work detailing is not sharp, and appears to be part of the casting rather than an actual carving or engraving. But overall, this is a very cool sword that I am glad I purchased.

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