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Deepeeka – Horse Head Iberian Falcata

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An iconic and powerful sword of the Classical ancient world, the Falcata with its deep recurve blade bites deeply into a target and separating it with ease with its widened tip. The contoured and well-formed grip is fashioned to snugly fit the hand and by maximizing contact between the hand and grip from as many surfaces as possible it makes it less taxing on the hand to wield the blade and truly allows the full power of the arm and forearm to help power the sword in the strike. The blade is hand forged from resilient C60 high carbon steel – a steel with similar properties to 1060 high carbon steel. The sword has a robust full tang construction; the grip is two halves of smoothly polished bone and its guard and pommel are cast brass – all of these components are sturdily riveted directly to the thick blade tang.

Included with the sword is a utility byknife which has its own slot on the scabbard. The included scabbard is well-crafted from wood which is tightly bound in well-stitched genuine leather and embellished with brass fittings with brass hanging rings. The alignment of the rings allow for the bearer to choose to wear the sword at either an angle or vertically from a baldric belt. (baldric is not included).

Please Note: If additional sharpening is selected, the byknife will also be sharpened. Also – the hand used to model the grip measures 3.5″ across the palm and has a length of 7.25″ from wrist to end of middle finger.



Overall Length23 1/4"
Blade Length18 3/4"
Weight2 lbs 2.2 oz
Width59 mm - 32 mm - 57 mm
Thickness4.6 mm - 3.5 mm
P.O.B.4 1/2"
Grip Length3 1/2"
Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginIndia

Horsehead Iberian Falcata

1 review for Deepeeka – Horse Head Iberian Falcata

  1. Dylan P.

    A fantastic addition to the collection if you are looking for a more ‘exotic’ blade without breaking the bank! There are quite a few minor cosmetic issues but nothing I wouldn’t expect at this price point. The handle scales were slightly uneven and had a few gaps between the scales and tang filled with epoxy, and the pommel/guard have some pitting across the metal. You can see most of these cosmetic issues even in the preview pics so they weren’t an unwelcome surprise, just something to keep in mind. The grip is also on the small side, so anyone with larger than average hands or who intends to use bulky gauntlets may want to leave this just as a wallhanger. The knife’s handle is comically small, you’d have to have child-sized hands to get a good grip on it, but considering it was essentially an extra bonus I’m not concerned with it. The sword is quite heavy for it’s size, overly so in my opinion. The scabbard looks fantastic! Absolutely no rattle when shaking it, no loose stitches or blemishes on the metal. Easily the star of the show in that regard. If you intend to cut with it, keep in mind that it comes unsharpened, but KoA’s sharpening service WILL sharpen the knife, as well as both the true and false edge of the blade. All in all it has quite a few flaws but nothing deal-breaking and I would say above-average for such a low price point!

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