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Devil’s Edge – 18th Century Colonial Rifleman’s Fighting Knife – High Carbon Steel Blade


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Before the Bowie Knife became the iconic American frontier knife, the Rifleman’s Knife was the essential knife and sidearm of the early American colonial frontiersman, Longhunter and militiaman. Both utility tool and fighting dagger, the Rifleman’s Knife was as adept for self defense and war as it was for dressing game and camp duties. The Longhunter or Minuteman would keep such a knife as an essential part of their kit alongside a tomahawk and firearm. Like originals, this example from Devil’s Edge has a long blade which is both thick and rigid to ensure that it can puncture and slice with fearsome ability. The blade is tempered 1070 high carbon steel which is matched to a hilt with a steel guard and a smooth-polished wooden grip which is surmounted with a steel-and-brass-filework bolster and a steel pommel cap. The grip is dual-riveted to the full-length tang for an overall tough construction and its flared shape does an excellent job of keeping the knife from sliding out of the hand and makes disarmament quite difficult for an opponent.

Included is a sheath of tough dual-stitched leather which is completed with a belt loop and a buttoned retaining strap.

Overall Length14"
Blade Length9 1/2"
Weight13.8 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width35 mm
Thickness4.3 mm - 4 mm
PommelIntegrated and Pinned
Grip Length4"
Blade [1070 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginPakistan


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