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Devil’s Edge – Celtic Sword – High Carbon Steel

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The Devils Edge Celtic Sword is a robustly constructed full-tang leaf-blade sword designed for deep-slicing and decisive chopping. This ancient and elongated blade design both widens and flattens the main cutting portion of the blade to give it a wide and thin plane which both cuts into and separates a target as it passes through it with minimal drag due to its flattened cross section. A comparably thick base of the blade imparts durability and brings some mass closer to the hilt to ensure it maintains a favorably agile and responsive balance for improved handling.

The sharp blade is crafted from high carbon  steel and the blade has a thick, full tang which is clearly visible within the composite grip to ensure that there can be doubt as to the solid construction of this hilt design. The guard and pommel are fashioned from brass and the grip is completed with polished halves of wood which have been triple-riveted into the tang with brass. Included with the sword is a durable leather sheath with stitched construction.

This sword is an excellent choice for those who wish to experience the strong cutting and cleaving power of ancient leaf-blade swords in a durable and practical design which comes pre-sharpened and ready for use. Swords such as this could compensate for their moderate length by maximizing the cutting power of the blade itself with a design that could strike with substantially greater force than a blade with a narrower profile. It is an overall efficient and practical design perfectly suited to the needs of warriors and the materials technology of antiquity. It is now reproduced here in pure modern steel coupled with one of the most durable hilt construction types possible.

Overall Length25 1/16''
Blade Length19 5/16''
Weight2 lbs 1 oz
Width59.5 mm - 57.3 mm
Thickness4.5 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.3 5/8''
Grip Length4 1/8''
Blade [1070 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

4 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Celtic Sword – High Carbon Steel

  1. James

    This blade is made of stainless steel, not 1070 steel as advertised. The sword looks great, but why would you try to pass it off as a better steel? Never a good move to lie to your customers in my opinion.

    • David Weiss

      Hi James –

      The site is very specific about which version of the Devil’s Edge is available and how to select the correct one. We do offer both. For Devil’s Edge, we randomly test chemical composition at an independent lab during the year. Please go to our steel certification program page on the site!

      Thank you

  2. Mark mowery (verified owner)

    Sharp ! Probably high carbon I can’t tell the difference . worth the money

  3. Scott

    Hey guys gonna lead by saying the sword looked awesome in my wedding and I was very pleased overall. I would like your recommendation as to the best sharpening tool for honing this blade, thanks!

  4. Nick Meadows

    I’ve had mine for about a year and it’s pretty solid blade my only issue is the grip is way to thin so the blade rolls in my hand when I swing other than that it’s been a great sword

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