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Devil’s Edge – Celtic Sword – 420 Stainless

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The Devils Edge Celtic Sword is a robustly constructed full-tang leaf-blade sword designed for deep-slicing and decisive chopping. This ancient and elongated blade design both widens and flattens the main cutting portion of the blade to give it a wide and thin plane which both cuts into and separates a target as it passes through it with minimal drag due to its flattened cross section. A comparably thick base of the blade imparts durability and brings some mass closer to the hilt to ensure it maintains a favorably agile and responsive balance for improved handling.

The sharp blade is crafted from tempered 420 stainless steel and the blade has a thick, full tang which is clearly visible within the composite grip to ensure that there can be doubt as to the solid construction of this hilt design. The guard and pommel are fashioned from brass and the grip is completed with polished halves of wood which have been triple-riveted into the tang with brass. Included with the sword is a durable leather sheath with stitched construction.

This sword is an excellent choice for those who wish to experience the strong cutting and cleaving power of ancient leaf-blade swords in a durable and practical design which comes pre-sharpened and ready for use. Swords such as this could compensate for their moderate length by maximizing the cutting power of the blade itself with a design that could strike with substantially greater force than a blade with a narrower profile. It is an overall efficient and practical design perfectly suited to the needs of warriors and the materials technology of antiquity. It is now reproduced here in pure modern steel coupled with one of the most durable hilt construction types possible.

Overall Length25 1/16''
Blade Length19 5/16''
Weight2 lbs 1 oz
Width59.5 mm - 57.3 mm
Thickness4.5 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.3 5/8''
Grip Length4 1/8''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

11 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Celtic Sword – 420 Stainless

  1. Eric T.

    Nice sword one problem Fit and finish is good, blade is sharp only thing that prevents me from giving it a higher rating is that the blade is noticably warped and is not fully straight

  2. Padraic

    Awesome short sword Looks like a piece of art, great classic Celtic hilt and handle. Balances great in the hand.

  3. Scott Mason

    Overall good for the price It’s robust. The sword was overbuilt to facilitate backyard abuse, and as such it is not quite as nimble as it could of been. The blade is thick and the grind on the edge takes a bit away from the leaf design. That being said it is razor sharp and the fit and finish is great for the price. The scabbard is way to tight and attempting a draw is dangerous. I gave it some real abuse and it held up pretty well, I did things like chop into a thick tree trunk and it held up well. It may have picked up a very small tweak, but it’s so slight I’m not 100% sure.

    I’d say it’s worth the money and a cool piece overall and helps fill a hole in the market for leaf bladed swords. No regrets.

  4. goyoelburro2

    Very well built. It feels like it could really take a beating and still work well.
    Good balance and heft. The grip is comfortable.
    Like others, I’ve found that the sheath it comes with is super tight on arrival. I can work on loosening it up, but you have to be pretty careful unsheathing it when you get it.
    It great value for the money and makes me want to invest in an even more expensive Celtic sword.

  5. Spectri

    This sword is very beautiful, very well made, and decently sharp. The brass pommel and (guard?) are amazing, and the wood handle is also extremely well made. My only complaint is that the sword is a bit heavy. It is no foil, not that its supposed to be, but its still heavy. It feels more like a chopping blade, as it is blade heavy. Otherwise, it is a fantastic sword that is well made. The sheath is leather and compliments the sword nicely.

  6. josh case (verified owner)

    Love this sword!
    I loved it so much i bought 2 of them so i can beat on one and keep the other as a shiny backup.
    I’ve bought swords 4x the price and they have been of equal or less quality. infact i dont know how they are making money off this for how quality it is i cant stress this enough.
    I am very pleased with it. the sword is nicely balanced and to anyone saying its blade heavy… its a chopping sword that is the point of a leaf chop like an axe, and for a leaf blade its nicely balanced. With a leaf bladed sword you will get near axe quality chopping power and still keep your thrusting potential.

    Overall for the price, quality, look and feel. . . 5/5. a true Gemstone buying this sword feels like you stole it.
    might even buy a 3rd… ;)

  7. Arboreal

    Surprisingly comfortable grip, wood scales have nice rounded edges, no digging into your palm. That was the one thing I wondered about when picking this. Everything else is has it looked in the pictures and specs- Solid design, beautiful fit and finish.
    – The smooth transition from grip to guard and pommel means you can adjust where you hold it to a certain extent, choking up if you want more control. If you’ve got smallish hands you can even hand-and-a-half it.
    – Sharpening service put an edge on but I wasn’t expecting much. Even so, the last third of the blade did cut part way through a paper sheet with just a light draw cut.
    – Might feel heavy at first, thanks to the full tang and hacking blade, but once I started swinging it all that was pretty quickly forgotten.
    – Specs don’t mention how the brass fittings are attached, but they feel solid so I’m not worried. Even if the grip fails someday, the full tang means you could either replace it or even just slap some leather wrap on and keep cutting.
    This thing will probably outlast me and my baby nephew.
    I got the ammunitions grade, and here’s what that meant for me, if anyone’s curious: Slight gap between one side of the pommel and the tang, could probably be sanded or filed smooth. Some faint asymmetry in the brass part of the guard. Blade is tweeked, has a little twist to it, and one edge is flatter than the other. None of those things are big enough to notice if you’re not looking for them, though, and as long as I don’t try cutting bottles I don’t see it being an issue. This is a chopping sword after all. Even if it doesn’t cut perfectly, it packs a good enough punch to break stuff- Impressively so for just a short blade.
    Overall I’m very happy with this and only wish I could get one or two more.

  8. shauntheheathen (verified owner)

    This sword gets 5 Stars because of its lower price overall. I also got it on sale. Had I paid 300+ pulse the cons listed would be a big deal. This sword was cheap though and for the price it’s pretty awesome!!

    Pros: 1. Sharp blade! Paper cutting sharp with relatively clean cuts. Honing it to be a little sharper wouldn’t be hard but I don’t think it’s needed. Truly Sharp swords on a budget are not always easy to find. If you want that and like the style this sword is great.
    2. The wood work and brass on the hilt looks good and feels nice. Nothing is loose.
    3. Robust- this can also be a con and I’ll touch on that soon but this sword looks like it can take a little abuse and that’s not a bad thing.
    4. The sheath looks good.
    5. It’s price is right for what your getting. Perfect for someone on a budget or wants a cheap beater or prop.

    Cons: 1. The edge angle is a little thick for my taste and it would take some grinding to re-profile it. It’s sharp enough and it will be durable though. She’s is a nit pick.
    2. The sheath is TIGHT. I would not plan on drawing this blade in a fast manor. If you need to transport this sword the sheath is fine. If you want to carry this sword- have something made for it or just pass on it.
    3. The blade is not perfectly straight but it’s hard to notice.
    4. This sword is heavy. The balancing is ok and it will function but for a short blade it should be lighter.

    Natural comment: this is not a historically accurate reproduction or even historically plausible (I think). I would say it’s historically inspired. It’s Deff a Celtic inspired sword and if you don’t need a true reproduction it’s fine!

  9. Samuel Johnson

    I like this sword. The one I received was not that sharp however had to reprofile it myself. Great cutter otherwise and looks quite nice. As other’s have said fills a niche void in the sword market. I’m confused however…back when I purchased this blade in 2020 it was listed as being 1090 high carbon steel. Now it says 420 stainless steel. I only purchased it because it was 1090 steel. Is this a new model or something?

  10. YungLard (verified owner)

    Very good for the price. It feels good in the hand and isn’t too heavy for its size, although as others have said it’s a little bit chunky and the leaf blade isn’t quite as pronounced as it should be. The edge is great as you’d expect from Devils Edge, but the sheath is what keeps this from being a five star product. My sheath holds the sword so tightly that drawing it is difficult and potentially dangerous. I dont know how common this is, but it’s definitely an issue.

  11. alientude

    Good sword for the price, although I am dropping the rating to 3 stars due to it being 420 stainless steel. I’m just too leery of the durability of the metal to really recommend it. Still, it’s nice looking, cuts well, and is very inexpensive, so there are some things about it I like.

    I have a video review available on YouTube:

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