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Devil’s Edge – Egyptian Khopesh – High Carbon Steel Blade


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A truly ancient sword design, the Egyptian Khopesh dates to about 2500 BC; Originally a Canaanite design, the Khopesh may have evolved from the crescent axes common in the region. The weapon enjoyed some prestige, as a number of royal Egyptian tombs have been found with high quality Khopesh swords entombed within.

The sickle-like blade design of the Khopesh makes it a very capable chopping and slicing sword and this reproduction has a blade of 1070 high carbon steel with a sharpened edge. The spine of the blade is thick and robust and the blade and grip core are formed from a single billet of steel for maximum durability.

The grip is crafted from two brass-riveted wood halves fitted to the thick blade tang. The sword is paired with a leather sheath with an integrated belt loop and brass buttoned retaining straps. The leather strap with adjustable buckle allow it to be worn on the back as well.

The ancient Khopesh was typically made from bronze or iron, but this reproduction has a blade of modern, pure steel which allows for cutting practitioners to appreciate and experience the fierce capabilities of this ancient design without the drawbacks typical of bronze or iron.

Overall Length24 3/16''
Blade Length17 1/2''
Weight2 lb 1.9 oz
Width42.8 mm - 45.6 mm
Thickness4.8 mm - 4 mm
P.O.B.3 3/4''
Grip Length6 1/2''
Blade [1070 High Carbon Steel]
ClassKhopeshBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

Egyptian Khopesh on 'Roids! (Devil's Edge Review)


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