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Devil’s Edge – Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt – 420 Stainless

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This short Xiphos is fitted with a sharpened blade of 420 stainless steel; the grip of polished bone is pinned to the thick blade tang to create the grip. The pommel is likewise of bone and is finished with a pommel disc cap of steel. The sword is accompanied with a scabbard of leather.

This replica of the short-bladed Xiphos has a robust blade paired with strong construction; it is ideal for the cutting enthusiast who wishes to experience the time-tested ability of the ancient leaf-blade design for themselves. Such swords had a long history of use; their swollen leaf tips bring enhanced cutting and hacking ability; the wide tip causes even shallow thrusts to quickly widen into long, gaping entry wounds.

It is also well-suited for the reenactor or collector who desires a blade that is not cumbersome to wield and one that is no mere display item or costume adornment. Like the originals this sword is nimble in the hand and quick on the strike.

The Spartans were known to favor the use of a short-sword version of the Xiphos; though lesser in length than Xiphoi favored by other Greeks, the Spartans may have found the shorter blade more useful in very tight phalanx formations. In martial affairs the Spartans were ever-practical and it would be unwise to assume that their preferences were based upon anything less than battle-experience and the usefulness of such a weapon within the Spartan sphere of War.

The Spartans, like most Greeks used the Dory spear as their primary weapon for their hoplites within phalanxes. When dueling phalanxes become close and entangled the front rows of Spartans likely found it advantageous to temporarily discard their spears and to draw the short-bladed Xiphos. With so many men pressed closely together there was little room to maneuver in a pressed phalanx; perhaps an advantage went to the skilled man with a nimble, shorter sword that could easily navigate the scrum of shield and spear pole unentangled to find its mark within the foe. With a large, round shield to cover him, the Spartan warrior could fend off his opponents until the opportunity presented itself to press forward and strike.

In the later history of the Greeks it is noted that Phalangites of the Macedonian Phalanx would often carry a short-bladed Xiphos or a curved Kopis as a sidearm.

Overall Length20 1/16''
Blade Length13 3/4''
Weight1 lb 4.7 oz
Width82 mm - 34 mm - 49 mm
Thickness4.3 mm - 1.8 mm
Grip Length3 7/8''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

12 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt – 420 Stainless

  1. Philip Adam

    First impression … Highly Glorious

    My findings:
    Overall Length: 52.39cm
    Blade: 35,6cm
    Blade: 1095 High Carbon Steel
    Weight: 1 lb 4.7 oz
    Edge: Very Sharp
    P.O.B.: 1cm
    Thickness: at blade base 3mm, 10 inches up 5.3, at tip 2mm
    Grip & Guard Length: 16.82 cm
    Pommel: peened

  2. David W.

    Best “Spartan” on the market A nasty little sword, very sharp and very fast. It also seems to be more historically accurate than most of it’s competitors (no curved guard, no full brass hilt, no rod tang). And it’s cheaper than it’s nearest competitor. It’s hard to beat!

  3. Jarrod F.

    Great craftsmanship but… The blade is built very well. The balance and handling is outstanding. There were a few minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches on mine, when I received it, but they are nothing to take away from the overall beauty of the blade. My only concern is whether or not the blade can withstand much at all. I test cut a few plastic bottles filled with water and there are already a few very small chips in the edge. From the review video that is on the KultOfAthena youtube channel I was expecting a lot more from the blade. The wooden scabbard does look nice as a display option but I will be having a custom scabbard made for it. All in all I am happy with this sword and it will be a welcome addition to my collection.

  4. Tom

    Customer Was not a well made blade, it bent up easily with a single strike on a piece of wood. Not battle ready but water bottle exclusively ready. I bought this weapon for self defense but it is not suited for such a job.

  5. Jean-Philippe Gingras

    Very good but The fit and finished is perfect. the only down side of this blade is that the steel is really soft. If you cut light things with it you will have no problems, the sword will perform well. If you decide to cut harder target the edge of the blade might bend. If the steel would be harder and the sword heavier this would be a 5 stars.

  6. John C.

    Sword is great! Scabbard, not so much. As always, I appreciate KOA’s prompt service. The sword came quickly and is everything promised – I love it. The scabbard, however, has been changed to the same style leather one that is featured on the longer xiphos by Devil’s Edge. This is not what I was expecting, and I am disappointed. Some customers may not care about this, but those trying to put together a historically accurate Greek kit (as I am) will not be able to save a step here. KOA, you may want to change this page to reflect what is currently offered. Thanks.

  7. Steve P.

    Devil’s Edge – Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt – AK002 Very happy with this blade! Beautiful craftsmanship. Good weight and size. Nicely balanced. Delivered quickly and well packaged.

  8. Robert T.

    Devils Edge Xiphos Devil’s Edge has made an excellent short sword here. This Xiphos is light!! The fist time i held this sword it felt like a part of my arm. The blade edge was sharp as proclaimed, and the sword itself was carefully packaged/shipped. I’m ready to take up arms and fight in the phalanx!

  9. Samuel K.

    D.E. Short Xiphos is great! I really like mine. I put it through some serious chopping, cutting, and stabbing of mesquite trees and sizeable limbs, which are double-barrel tough, and this blade held up like a champ. The slim bone grip feels very nice in the hand, much more comfortable than the wooden grip on the full-size Xiphos sword. Mine came far sharper than I expected…paper cutting sharp. I stood on the flat of the blade and bent it hard, and it sprang back straight like tempered steel should. My only complaints are about a 5 degree drift out of “true” center when eye-balling down the flat length of the blade, but this is likely within tolerances for an overseas forge. Also, the leather sheath, while very nice for the money, does not provide any friction to keep the sword from falling out. I’m going to have to rivet some leather straps and snaps on it. Overall, great bang for the buck, and highly recommended!

  10. Jaysiel G.

    Excellent with some caveats This is a seriously good looking sword. The balance is not that of a dedicated chopper but you can feel that it will definitely chop, just a little awkwardly. The main issue I have is the heat treating is still not quite there. I was able to put it over my thigh and give it a slight bend without much effort. Nothing close to the banana Skallagrim turned his into so there has been a vast improvement, but the heat treatment still needs a little work. Also, the underside of the hand guard is a 90 degree angle so the edges are sharp, they should have been rounded off but I can do that myself I guess. Overall it’s a great item. It’s not just a “decent for the price” sword, it’s a really nice sword at a great price. If they would clean up those last little issues it would be a phenomenal sword but even as it currently stands everyone should have one from this line in their collection.

  11. Eric Ocegueda (verified owner)

    Very slick and gorgeous take on an ancient blade certainly well worth its price, light and comfortable and extremely sharp edge on arrival.
    4/5 stars just because of the scabbard which is nice/well made but I’d rather have a wood core scabbard or an option to buy one at extra. Then it would be 5/5 imo but this is my first choice for any other blade at this price point because it is worth every cent!

  12. alientude

    I received a munitions grade version of this sword from a mystery crate. As an inclusion in that, or as a $70 purchase, this is a pretty decent sword. It’s very sharp, cuts well, and should be short enough that the 420 stainless steel won’t be a problem. Longer video review available on Youtube:

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