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Devil’s Edge – Greek Xiphos with Wood Grip – 420 Stainless

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Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Greek Xiphos possesses a tempered and sharpened blade of 420 stainless steel. The grip of carved and polished hardwood is dual-pinned to the thick blade tang. The pommel is also wood and is capped on its end with a steel disc. The sword comes with a stitched leather scabbard with an integrated riveted belt loop.

    This replica Xiphos is a practical sword purpose-built for those who wish to appreciate its time-tested design first-hand or the reenactor or collector who desires a battle-ready replica that is not overly heavy.

    The blade is crafted from strong, quality steel paired with a robust hilt construction. In terms of handling this Xiphos is quite easy to wield and is an agile, responsive weapon. The ancient leaf blade design accentuates the force of cuts and chops, whilst the wide tip forces even shallow thrusts to become notably wide.

    The weapon often identified with the Greek heroes of antiquity, the leaf-bladed design of the Xiphos stretches back well into the Bronze Age; when the transition to iron blades occurred the Greeks simply kept much of its original form. Though the weapon has a heroic pedigree it was most likely the secondary weapon for most Greek warriors – particularly the Hoplites whose primary weapon was the Dory spear. Should the spear be broken the Hoplite could draw his Xiphos and continue the fight. The Xiphos could also be used by the front ranks of a phalanx should the push-and-shove scrum of a phalanx vs phalanx fight clash too close for the spear to be useful for the ranks in the fore. In such close quarters the Xiphos could find its mark once its wielder found an opening in his opponents defense.

    Overall Length25 1/2''
    Blade Length19 3/8''
    Weight1 lb 7.4 oz
    Width70 mm - 32 mm - 51 mm
    Thickness3.7 mm - 2.6 mm
    P.O.B.2 7/8''
    Grip Length3 3/4''
    Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDevil's Edge
    Country of OriginPakistan

    24 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Greek Xiphos with Wood Grip – 420 Stainless

    1. Steven H.

      How Perfect Can You Make a Replica My Greek Xiphos by Devil’s Edge arrived this morning, & begs the question of how perfect should a replica be. This sword is flawless! The workmanship is impeccable. The blade is symmetrical, hollow ground, & incredibly sharp! The wooden hilt is securely & carefully matched to the blade. An attractive, sturdy wooden scabbard was furnished, but would not be representive of the appearence of a scabbard for a hoplite warrior. This is my first experience with this manufacture, & I will look forward to future offerings from them.

    2. Jerome Stark

      Good looking but very weak I really liked the sword at first, the weight and all around feel of the sword was great. I decided to do some slicing, and test the blade out. I hit a small peice of metal by accident and noticed how soft the steel was. I decided to test it against my cheness 9260, put it in a vice and took a light swing. The xiphos look like it had been cut by a lightsaber. Good sword for a collector but I would never want another sword that soft.

    3. H. M.

      Not bad for the price. I just received my Xiphos today. Overall feeling: I´m happy with my purchase. Sure, it has issues. But, you get what you pay for and I bought it with that in mind. For the price paid it is very nice. Fit and finish are very good with the exception mine is slightly bent starting at about 3 inches to the tip, only noticeable when paying close attention. The blade rattles inside the sheath as well. It is still better looking and better made than the 250 dollar piece of junk a so called “expert blacksmith” made for me back in the day. I actually made my purchase before reading the last negative review, and it almost made me regret buying it. But then when I received it I was happy with how it looked and felt and then I tried it on some water bottles and had a bit of an accident too. I was half expecting the blade would dull or further bend on me based on that last comment. Nothing happened to it so I do not believe soft as has been claimed (Also, Doesn´t seem very smart to put a 3 mm thick sword into a vice a hitting it with a thick Katana, lol). These swords were not meant for that kind of contact, they were used by the ancient Greeks as a last resort weapon ONLY(also for giving the coup de grace to downed enemies). For that purpose I think this sword would have worked very well in that time.

    4. Brian O.

      Fantastic Value!! The blade is sharp and light ! I can’t believe I only paid $140 bucks for this…. Gonna get another one for back up!! Best bang for the buck I’ve seen in quite a while.

    5. Kristie

      Very nice This sword is just the right weight, fit and finish is great, sharpess is perfect for slicing milk jugs, and the handle is very nicely shaped to give you a comfortable, secure grip. Very enjoyable little sword. Quite impressed with it.

    6. David W.

      Historical accuracy, quality, and affordability — what more do you need? This is perhaps the most historically accurate rendition of a Greek hoplite xiphos on the market right now. Not only that, but in terms of weight, balance, and overall quality, it beats all competitors. The only way you can get a more accurate xiphos is to go custom. And even if you don’t care about the accuracy, it’s still a great little sword.

    7. Mike R.

      Devil’s Edge ? Anyone know about this Manufacturer ?
      I guess it all depend on who makes the quality sword
      I love this 19″ xiphos so much I’ve ordered 13″ xiphos
      The fit and finish of this manufactures work is amazing and the razor sharpness WOW
      Great job making this sword at this price

    8. Ray B.

      devil,s edge greek xiphos I received yesterday,fast shiping. Love shape of the blade,mine came sharp enough to shave hair ,also cuts different thickness of paper well.Where the the blade meets the guard ,no space there.The wooden grip is very nice,where the tang meets the grip no spaces ,very well crafted.Also the peen is done very well.The balance and rest of spects are same as bemtioned above in the information of sword in listing from kult of Athena.T seath is fine I would rather have a wooden one or leather with wood inside.Haven’t cut with it yet due to it a Christmas present and I have a injured right arm.This sword should should be good for cutting water bottles-except hard plastic,eco-mats,single tatami mat and maybe 1 and 1/2 bamboo.Great sword and great customer service

    9. Gabriel

      Wood scabbard ? Wood scabbard ? :c

    10. Jack

      Brilliant! Scabbard Swap? Had this sword for almost half a year now and I bloody love it! Not had the steel softness problem that others have had and beyond I would see no issue. I have the wooden scabbard version how ever and I’m not a fan, if anyone would like to trade you please email me

    11. Eric

      Great for the price. My sword came well packed. Small imperfection on the spine.
      Came shaving sharp, cut through a 3″ thick tree with no edge damage. I’m happy.

    12. J.W.

      Amazing Sword I absolutely love this xiphos. It’s historically accurate, very sharp, well-crafted, and elegantly simple. I have no complaints whatsoever and this is now one of my favorite swords.

    13. Mike C.

      Great sword for the money This Greek xiphos is definitely the exception far as swords under 150 U.S. Dollars are concerned. It feels very comfortable in the hand and comes EXTREMELY sharp. I would recommend this sword for people who are on a budget and or want to get into sword collecting.

    14. Quinton C.

      Amazing Xiphos! WOW! I read all the reviews here and watched every YouTube video I could find featuring the Devil’s Edge Xiphos before I purchased this sword, and was still amazed at the beauty and quality of the piece! It is as historically accurate as you will find and is a superior quality weapon. Kult of Athena’s shipping was fast and customer service was excellent. Highly recommended!

    15. Bryce

      Good Sword! Good quality,very sharp, and fast shipping.

    16. Gustávos G.

      Excellent quality sword Is the best sword I ever had in my collection

    17. Brice S.

      Wonderful! I just got mine in the mail today after waiting a brief ten days which is not bad at all considering I live in Canada. I brought it home, opened it up and it was immediately razor sharp out of the box, able to cut through a sheet of paper with just the weight of the blade alone. No sharpening required! I immediately took it outside and started cutting plastic bottles, milk jugs, etc. It went through them like butter! So after I had my fun I polished it up, removed the old oil and applied a new coat and it shines like a diamond. Amazing Bang for your buck with this, A definite 5/5!

    18. Samuel K.

      solid but warped Mine was solidly built but was warped. The blade drifted off center about 10-12 degrees. It was weighted far more to one side than the other and felt like a Kukri chopper not a Xiphos; it had poor balance and did not handle well, so I sent it back. On the flip side, I also bought the short bone handled Xiphos and it was great with no noteworthy problems.

    19. Giorgos

      Good value for money I just had mine delivered. The blade seems perfect, without any scratches or deformations. The handle is a bit damaged though which is a same. Everything is bound tightly, which is a good thing. Over all, it’s a good piece and would recommend it.

    20. Eric

      Value Value? 10/10. It’s not perfect, but no blade is.

    21. Addiel P.

      A New Favorite Recently received this sword and holy cow it is now the new favorite from my collection it handles beautifully, cuts incredibly well, and the design and finish are incredible especially considering the price. I rigorously tested it against medium trees and branches in a nearby forest. The sword ended holding up quite nicely, the damage that was dealt to the blade (slight dulling of the edges) is nothing that cannot be easily repaired.

    22. Scot W Jebens

      I didn’t know swords were made this well for under $300.

      My favorite thing? How rock solid it is. No loosely fitting parts, etc. The wood grip could be made out of steel it’s so solid. You cannot feel the boundary change between wood and steel, it really feels like it’s just one solid piece. It also comes very very sharp.

      My least favorite thing? nothing. I really can’t think of a way this sword could be improved.

      I have seven swords ranging from $70 – $500. Only the $500 sword is as well made, it would be a tough call.

      This is the PERFECT sword for a first sword.

      A warning, you might be disappointed by other swords you buy after this one!

    23. Shonen (verified owner)

      Bought this thanks to a Promo Code given by KoA. Was looking for a sword that reminded me of Sting and after seeing Skallagrim’s review, I can say this is what I imagine that magical sword being like. It’s light, sharp, is well balance, and came from Devil’s Edge whom I’ve bought several blades from before. And after the incident involving the steel quality, this has proven still to be a surprisingly durable blade. However, I have encountered a different problem with this which is why I’m giving it 3 Star

      The sheath in too dangerous to use

      You can tell by the way the sheath (leather in this case but I’m aware they had wooden one early on) is reenforced so that when drawing the sword, it doesn’t break the seams and cut the hands. But the bluster they used in pressing against the edges of the blade, making it VERY hard to draw safely. In fact, I feel safer with an exposed blade rather than sheathing it because in order to do so, I have to press the pommel of the sword into my hip and pull the sheath down while being wary of the edges. The motion is almost like a crossbow

      I’d say buy if you’re interested but be ready to have to find a replacement sheath. And should one come sometime after this review, then ignore the second paragraph

    24. Eric

      Oh Man is this sharp. I got one of these in a mystery crate 2022. It is in perfect shape except that it is out of alignment (tilts almost an inch toward one edge) Any more of a tilt and it could have been a double sided kukri LOL. But that is not why I am reviewing it. I got this warped blade from a mystery crate and went to wipe it down before treating it and found out just how sharp it is. On the first pass with clean brown paper towel folded 3 times, I slipped off the edge barely (not accounting for the curve) and it instantly sliced through all 3 layers of coarse paper but also surgically filleted the very tip of my finger. Not a cut, but a sliver of flesh approx 1/4″ by 3/16″ of my fingerprint gone, stuck to the blade. Without the paper slowing it down, I likely would have lost my entire fingerprint, pad and all. This was the edge just where it flairs out past the cross guard. It is a fun to handle blade but OMG sharp

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