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Devil’s Edge Murmillo Gladius – High Carbon Steel Version


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    Named for the Murmillo Gladiator who was equipped with the Gladius and Scutum shield in similar fashion to a Roman Legionary, this blade is brutal in its simplicity. It features a sharpened blade of hand forged and tempered high carbon steel with an acutely pointed tip. The blade is in the Roman Fulham style with straight edges and an elongated thrusting tip, well suited to the arena. The guard and pommel are carved from wood and the grip is polished bone. The oval guard plate and pommel nut are crafted from brass.

    The scabbard is crafted from stitched leather in a dark brown color. The brass hanging rings are fitted to leather bands that are fixed into position with stitches to complete the scabbard.

    Though named after a type of Gladiator, this gladius would be equally at home in the hand of any Roman soldier of the time. The Devils Edge Murmillo Gladius may be a short sword with a tip perfectly formed for thrusting into a target, but its sharp and wide blade body with straight edges make it a fierce chopping sword in close quarters. It is a fast and agile sword that brings decisive strikes to the target in quick succession.

    Overall Length25 3/4''
    Blade Length18 5/8''
    Weight1 lb 15.9 oz
    Width58.8 mm
    Thickness5 mm - 3.6 mm
    P.O.B.4 1/2''
    Grip Length3 15/16''
    Blade [1070 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDevil's Edge
    Country of OriginPakistan

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