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Devil’s Edge Murmillo Gladius – 420 Stainless

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Named for the Murmillo Gladiator who was equipped with the Gladius and Scutum shield in similar fashion to a Roman Legionary, this blade is brutal in its simplicity. It features a sharpened blade of hand forged 420 stainless steel with an acutely pointed tip. The blade is in the Roman Fulham style with straight edges and an elongated thrusting tip, well suited to the arena. The guard and pommel are carved from wood and the grip is polished bone. The oval guard plate and pommel nut are crafted from brass.

The scabbard is crafted from stitched leather in a dark brown color. The brass hanging rings are fitted to leather bands that are fixed into position with stitches to complete the scabbard.

Though named after a type of Gladiator, this gladius would be equally at home in the hand of any Roman soldier of the time. The Devils Edge Murmillo Gladius may be a short sword with a tip perfectly formed for thrusting into a target, but its sharp and wide blade body with straight edges make it a fierce chopping sword in close quarters. It is a fast and agile sword that brings decisive strikes to the target in quick succession.

Overall Length25 3/4''
Blade Length18 5/8''
Weight1 lb 15.9 oz
Width58.8 mm
Thickness5 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.4 1/2''
Grip Length3 15/16''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

5 reviews for Devil’s Edge Murmillo Gladius – 420 Stainless

  1. Matt

    Good sword It is a wonderful first sword purchase. It fits well in the hand and the blade length as well as overall length is perfect. My issue is it doesnt come very sharp at all despite it saying it is in the description, so now I have to figure out a way to sharpen it myself. Also my bone grip came cracked in the mail so that makes it a bit disappointing to wield but overall if you are into Rome as much as me its worth the purchase.

  2. Nate

    Amazing sword This sword comes VERY sharp! Perfect length and width for my hand! Love it

  3. Nolan C

    I purchased this sword several months ago after seeing favorable reviews for the Devil’s Edge brand on Skallagrim’s channel, although never one for this particular product. I was surprised and disappointed by what I received.

    I’ll start with the hilt. Overall, the fit was really rather good: tight, all parts lined up with one another, peen evident at the end of the tang (although visible overflow of epoxy evident in several places).
    There are three things here that I will point out, though, and while each of them individually isn’t all that bad, the fact that they’re all present is annoying. Firstly, the grip is made of a highly polished camel bone, which is only slightly oval in construction, which would allow for easy turning in the hand. Ironically, the other two problems mitigate that factor, the next of which is the fact that the wooden guard bites into your hand with its sharp edges, while the pommel piece is wide enough to bang your wrist during normal movement of the sword. This is exacerbated by the third problem, which is that the handle was *apparently* made for a four-fingered man. It is too short for any but the smallest hands to get a truly comfortable grip, and you can actually clearly see in the pictures of the sword that only three finger grooves are ground into the grip, meaning none of your fingers will fully fit into a channel.

    Next, I’ll talk about the blade. Overall, the blade itself is fairly good, especially for the price, with a fuzzy-yet-still-there central ridge and a fairly well-sharpened edge. It’s stiff, but with enough flex to perform well, and has a decent presence in the hand.
    The biggest problem I have with the blade is that it was very sloppily mounted; mine is canted/twisted/slanted out of alignment in *all three* of the x, y, and z axes. No matter which direction you turn it in, the blade is visibly off in its alignment.

    To recap: The fit of this sword was very tight and decently well done. The hilt was apparently made for a hobbit, however, and they couldn’t be bothered to mount the blade straight on.

    All in all, none of the problems I have with this sword are actually that major, other than the fact that so *many* minor problems exist in the same product. I would give the product 3.5-4 stars if only one or two of these problems were present, but the sheer number of annoyances knocked it to 2 stars.

  4. shauntheheathen (verified owner)

    For a 100 dollar sword (more or less) this little guy is great!

    The blade geometry was better then my Devils Edge Celtic sword. This sword was a little sharper and has a better edge angle. I think it will be a better cutter. The hilt could have a little better finish but everything is tight and straight which is what matters most And it’s a 100 dollar sword. You can’t get perfect for that price.

    I don’t think it’s the most historically accurate model on the market but it’s good enough to get the point across. People who know what a Gladius is will know what this is.

    If you want a budget Roman sword get this blade.

  5. Crazy blind Jake

    Bought one of these for a friend of mine when these were made with much better steel. Don’t know about this version but the version with the Superior steel was very nice.

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