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Devil’s Edge – Single-Edged Qama – 420 Stainless

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This single-edged Qama brings considerable slicing and chopping power for a short sword; a thick spine powers its hacks and chops and the curvature of the tip serves to deepen a slashing cut as the blade arcs through a target. An acute tip backed by a broad blade makes this sword a highly-capable thrusting blade as well – once the tip finds purchase in a target the blade widens quickly to produce a woefully wide puncture.

The blade is strong 420 stainless steel and the blade is constructed in a highly durable fashion with a thick, full tang which itself is a solid and seamless extension of the blade itself. The grip is formed from a set of polished wood scales which are brass riveted directly into the tang for an overall robust and permanent setting.

The sword is paired with a well-constructed wood-core scabbard which is bound in finely-stitched leather; on its reverse it a riveted belt loop of leather.

Overall Length23 3/8''
Blade Length17 3/4''
Weight1 lb 15.5 oz
Width51.5 mm
Thickness5 mm - 4.6 mm
Grip Length3 3/8''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

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6 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Single-Edged Qama – 420 Stainless

  1. Cody S.

    Awesome I have several bebuts, kindjals, Qamas etc. and this is towards the top of my list. It’s hefty but not too heavy. One of my favorite things about it is the scabbard, definitely the nicest of any sub $150 sword I have it’s definitely top notch.

  2. Red

    simple, sturdy, and functional. short version: edge is very sharp, scabbard is simple but functional, though the belt loop may or may not last and may or may not remain secure. hilt small but serviceable, mild imperfections in hilt, grind, and overall aesthetics, but nothing that render it unusable. very sturdy, very sharp, great price point.
    long version:the fit and finish of this is, overall, acceptable. minor imperfections in the blade are it being slightly wavy along the spine, and with a small curve in the bottom half of the blade, and the handle scales are just SLIGHTLY non symmetrical. however none of these affect overall usability and show that someone actually did grind this sucker out by hand. the edge is mostly shaving sharp, though it varies in places, but overall i can’t really complain. the balance is, predictably, more towards the tip, but not unwieldy, though chopping and slashing are what this one is going to be best at. the point is sharp and serviceable, though mine had a slight imperfection on the grind at the very end(i am nitpicking for the sake of it, it doesn’t impair function at all), but the tip is still very sharp. the hilt is acceptable, though not very comfortable if you have large hands, as the rear point on the bottom choil digs into the hand after a few swings(i have a paw, not a hand, so it’s not ideal for me), but can be fixed if you have a file and plenty of time, or a belt grinder and less time(i plan on doing a lot of shaving on mine).the scabbard is also serviceable, though the belt loop doesn’t fill me with confidence, as it’s just leather that’s rived around the scabbard, not to it, but seems secure for the moment. the scabbard itself has great retention, though. holding it upside down and shaking it allows the blade to slide out a bit, but not much, and only if you REALLY give it a hard shake. blade draws well, though it is a bit stiff, but that is to be expected. overall a very solid, serviceable cutter that you can abuse without feeling bad. definitely worth what they’re asking and probably even a little more.

  3. Jo

    I feel something when I hold this Finish on the blade is beautiful when boiled and the grip has been sanded and perfectly edged out for my hand. This weapon fits in the hand so well. Wood Scabbard is great and makes weapon look awesome, couldn’t have asked for better. You can tel thatl devil’s edge pays attention to customer reviews and feedback. 11 out of 10.

  4. Leo B.

    Beautiful Sword It´s beautiful, sturdy and came with a very nice edge, but as Red mentioned on the other review, the grip can be painful on the hand, with some asymmetrical edges between the scales and the exposed tang. However, the blade came perfect, and I’m planning on belting a little the lower “pommel” to minimize the diggin’. Definitely worth the prize.

  5. Dino

    Very nice Very nice to hold, strong spine and sharp blade. Beautiful design as well. Definitely worth the price.

  6. Andrew Perzel

    Technically this is what is called in Persian a “Quaddarra’. Looks Spot On to some Old Persian and Armenian Historic Examples. Very Sturdy, Beefy, Mass Cutting/Slicing/Cleaving Power. Very Nice Scabbard too. I am Super fond of Mine! The Price for the Product is Unbeatable. Highly Recommended. Any Minor Issues are Easily Correctable/Customizable, & are Negligible ESPECIALLY Considering the Awesome Quality of what is in effect a Middle Eastern Cutlass that you could Fell a Tree With, not to Mention all the Merry Foe-Hewing. Absolutely Awesome. Love the Devils Edge Brand!

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