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KOA Exclusive – Diavolo Main Gauche – 16th Century Parrying Dagger


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    Back by popular demand! Kult of Athena has a limited stock available of this classic Windlass dagger which we commissioned Windlass to produce for us in a special production run.

    The Diavolo Main Gauche by Windlass is a superbly designed parrying dagger for the duellist; on its own it is a great self defense weapon which gives its wielder the ability to deal with larger weapons, but it really comes into its own when paired with a sword for a combined weapons system that transitions seamlessly between defense and offense. The design of this large dagger allows it to be used in either the right or the left hand and crossguard and guard ring are both thickened to withstand impact and shock from larger weapons. The blade of 1055 high carbon steel has a diamond cross section to give it considerable stiffness and rigidity to ensure that it can puncture with optimized force.

    When in a bind with another weapon a skilled duellist needs only a quick flick of the wrist and applied pressure to snare or entangle the blade of the foe in a parry with the namesake “Diavolo” devil horn quillons! With the blade of the foe ensnared or encumbered between a devil horn quillon and a stiff blade the opportunity for a decisive counterstrike is facilitated. A decidedly devilish dagger indeed!

    Like the elaborate guard, the faceted pommel is well-crafted from steel and the grip is made from stout wood. The grip has plenty of room for a comfortable grip and it subtly flares toward the pommel to aid in preventing the dagger from sliding in the hand. The grip is bound in tightly twisted wire for a sure grip and is surmounted on both ends with a banding of knotwork steel wire which was knotted by hand.

    The dagger has a matching companion scabbard of thick black leather with a locket and chape of steel to complete the dagger.

    Overall Length19 1/8"
    Blade Length12 1/2"
    Weight1 lb 7.1 oz
    Width29.4 mm
    Thickness4.5 mm - 3.3 mm
    Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
    Country of OriginIndia

    Kult of Athena Windlass Diavolo Main Gauche Review

    3 reviews for KOA Exclusive – Diavolo Main Gauche – 16th Century Parrying Dagger

    1. Jaime Garcia (verified owner)

      Excellent. Works exactly as it should, and is one of the best daggers I’ve had the pleasure of holding throughout the years. I can hardly think of ways to improve it. Brilliant.

    2. Phil (verified owner)

      Solid! Nothing weak about this. Heavy, but that’s good for its intended purpose. And still well-balanced.
      The thumb ring is generously sized and comfortable.
      Wire wrap is tight and finished off well.
      Pommel is tight, and just begs to be used as a hammer.
      Finish detail on the guard is good and straight.

      Four stars instead of five because of the fit of the scabbard:

      Arrived with the scabbard taped to the side, and a plastic point protector on the blade. I suspect this is because the dagger couldn’t be inserted into the scabbard!
      Initial attempts couldn’t get the blade in much over an inch before binding. The throat of the scabbard has two leather flaps glued in to grip the blade, but they were overly tight. The blade is so pointy, it tends to stab into the flaps then head at an angle – forcing it would eventually drive the point through a flat side of the scabbard and then out into your hand!

      To fix it, I shoved a flat blade screwdriver into the scabbard, separating the flaps and working an opening. Then I repeatedly worked the dagger in, being careful to keep it perfectly straight (the scabbard arrived slightly curved, and is somewhat flexible). This was a dangerous operation with a sharp blade, and took considerable force. Wear a cut-resistant glove to protect the scabbard hand!

      The scabbard should acclimate now that the dagger is stored inside. It certainly isn’t going to fall out or be a loose fit.

    3. Garett Fox (verified owner)

      Bought this as a companion to my Munich Town Guard Sword. Dagger came with no defects but for a tiny bit of wire sticking up which was pressed down with a blunt tool. I am not so impressed with the sharpening – very uneven. As for the scabbard, there were no flaps at the mouth and as a result there is NO friction to keep the dagger in place. This is a serious issue given how heavy the dagger is, that is all the weight is in the hilt. I would rather struggle loosening up the flaps than worry about the dagger falling out with any movement. I will have to modify this myself. Overall, though, very satisfied with the dagger, feels great, looks good, great balance, goes well with the Town Guard. So considering the sharpening and the scabbard I will go with 4 and 1/2 stars.

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