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Dual Sided Corundum Whetstone / Sharpening Stone – 1000 and 6000 grit

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This Dual-Sided Corundum Whetstone can be used to hone and sharpen an existing edge on your knives, daggers and swords. It can also be used to sharpen the edges on tools such as chisels, scissors, hooks and gravers.

The dual sided whetstone has 1000 grit on one side and 6000 grit on the other – use the 1000 to get your edge into form and then you can use the 6000 grit for fine honing on an an edge that is intended to be sharp and thin. Included is a rubber-like gel base to keep your sharpening stone rooted to your working surface while in use.

Whetstones are available in a variety of grits to suit different needs:

Rougher grits rated at less than 1000 are typically used to repair blades with chipped edges or nicks. They are good at removing and equalizing spots of damage. They can also be used as the first step to sharpening the edge on an exceptionally dull blade, but should be used sparingly due to the ability of these stones to remove excess material if used without caution.

A 1000 grit stone is an excellent all-rounder for the starting stages of basic sharpening on a dull blade and a good starting point to sharpening the edge on an undamaged blade. They should not be used excessively, because they can potentially remove too much edge material if used beyond beginning stages.

Grits in the 2000 – 3000 range can be used on blades which an owner wishes to sharpen regularly and keep an edge in good order. Higher grits in the 4000-6000+ range are excellent for honing and refining an edge to a keen degree of sharpness, but care must be taken not to sharpen an edge beyond its intended use. Increasing sharpness comes with thinner edges, but an edge that is too thin for its application is easily damaged. High end refining grits may be suitable for knives which are used for routinely cutting soft objects, but they may become damaged if in contact with harder objects or if used with greater force and pressure.

For example – a fine grit of 4000 to even 8000 is suitable for a kitchen knife used to cut vegetables and fruits, but 3000 is the maximum edge grit for a knife used to de-bone meat as an edge that is too thin would bend and roll in even moderate contact with the harder bone material.

A variety of whetstones with a range of grits are available on our site and can be found via thumbnail links on this page under the also available section.

Please Note: This product is intended for maintaining and sharpening an existing edge on a blade. It is not intended to create an entirely new edge bevel on an unsharpened or a thick blunted blade. It is also common for there to be some stains on the top of the stone. This is cosmetic blemishing and does not affect its utility.

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Dimensions7'' X 2 5/8'' X 1 3/16''
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