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Lord of Battles – Early Medieval Round Shield

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The arm-mounted Early Medieval or Dark Ages Round Shield has a body of wood rimmed with steel and fitted with a central riveted shield boss. The back of the shield is blackened and is finished with a an adjustable leather strap with a steel buckle and a metal grip for fitting the shield to the forearm and palm of the hand.

The round shield is quite a practical design and this is evidenced by being the most common form of shields throughout many eras of history. It is not so long to hinder movement, yet large and agile enough to be assuredly in position to absorb or deflect the force of a blow. The circular form deflects the force of hits to the rim – an advantage over square or flat-topped shields which can absorb that force fully and increase the possibility of damaging or splitting the shield.

Weight5 lb 5 oz
Gauge [16 Gauge]
Dimensions21 1/2'' x 21 1/2'' - Rim Thickness: 14.5 mm
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

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