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Egyptian Anubis Statue

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This statue of the Egyptian God of the Dead, Anubis is made of cold cast resin with a hand painted details.

Dimensions10 5/8'' Tall
Country of OriginChina

2 reviews for Egyptian Anubis Statue

  1. Harry Potter

    Very Cool I am into Egyptian Mythology and I wanted to start a collection of Egyptian statues and merchandise and this is my first piece in my collection. I was (and still am) very pleased when I received it and it looks great on my desk. If you are thinking about buying this product and are worried about it breaking in the package, don’t worry because the package it comes in was very much what an egg would want and the staff he is carrying slides right into his arms and because it is delicate it has its separate section that it comes in in the shipping box so it doesn’t break. This is an awesome product!

  2. Alu

    :> Came very well packed, I paid via paypal and everything went smooth. Shipped fast!
    About the item it’s self, this statue is great, it’s better than I was expecting.
    The finish is quite glossy, and is pretty accurate to the photo.
    The detail is surprisingly good! His weapon is removable (and thusly, replaceable should anything happen to it).
    Right now I’ve been using this as a mild reference for some of my sketches, but it looks equally great on my shelf.
    I might pick up a second and detail it a little differently.

    Either way, I’m 100% happy!

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