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Elven Holster Hook Scabbard Accessory for Epic Armoury Foam Weapons – Black

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Epic Armourys Epic Black Elven Holster Hook is a clever tool that keeps your elven latex sword from falling through your weapon holder. Epic Armoury elven swords are designed without crossguards in order to achieve a sleek appearance, which can make it difficult to stay in your sword holder, or frog. Weve created the Elven Holster Hook as a simple solution. Simply tie the Holster Hook around your weapons grip, and you will find that it will now rest inside your holder like any normal sword without sacrificing the unique look of your weapon.

Made from black durable leather and leather cord stitching, this hook is built to keep its shape and withstand the abuse of a LARP with regular leather care. With an elegant appearance, it will match any elven or imperial weapon nicely. Pair it with one of our swords without a crossguard, or on a weapon that has a bad habit of freeing itself from your belt.


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