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Epic Effect – Stipple Makeup Sponge

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Epic Effects Stipple Makeup Sponge is a tool for creating rich textured effects with makeup. The artificial 5.5 cm long sponge is oblong and fits well in a hand. It is made of foam and has large, unevenly open cells to help create textures through stippling.

Works especially well with Epic Effects water-based makeup. The sponge can also be used with other makeups, including cream-based types.

Directions for use:
1. If using with water-based cosmetics, dampen the clean sponge with water
2. Add cosmetic makeup to the sponge, adding water as needed.
3. Apply makeup to the skin or prosthetic using gentle patting motions to create a stippled appearance
4. Clean the sponge thoroughly with mild soap after use.

Dimensions2 1/4'' x 2'' x 1 1/2''
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginGermany


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