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Etched Combed Morion – 18 Gauge Steel

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This Combed Morion Helm is lavishly embellished with etched design; constructed from 18 gauge steel the helmet is fitted with brass pins at its base. The interior of the helmet in unlined and blackened for a finish. Included is a padded cotton arming cap to wear beneath the helmet.

Though the Morion helmet is strongly associated with the Conquistadors of Spain it was actually a popular helmet throughout mid-16th to 17th century Europe. The helmet gives excellent overall protection whilst leaving the eyes and ears unobstructed – a necessary development to increase the coordination and cohesion of large blocks of infantry in the field. Massed formations of pikemen and halberdiers who were supplemented by swordsman and early firearms were the dominant battlefield force and it was critical for orders to be relayed and obeyed to keep these dense formations in optimal fighting order.

The tall comb of the Morion is an excellent design for absorbing the impact of a weapon far from the head and dissipating its force down the sides of the helmet. Its wide brim not only shields the face and some of the upper body from overhead projectiles, but they also intercept incoming impacts far from the head.

Weight3 lbs 9 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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