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Fenris Wolf Bracelet – Pewter

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A twisted bracelet carved with the stylized visage of Scandinavian wolves. It is inspired by an original found in Gotland, Sweden. The wolf head design is borrowed from an Icelandic Wolf Cross. Bracelet is of pewter and tin – its size is adjustable.

Weight1.4 oz
Dimensions2 7/8'' x 2 1/2''
Country of OriginCzech Republic

4 reviews for Fenris Wolf Bracelet – Pewter

  1. Darkhand

    Good Buy It’s very small so it isn’t likely to hang loose if your into that sort of bracelet. Still it’s adjustable and the sculpt on it looks even better in person. If you like Vikings it’s the best you’ll likely get for the price.

  2. isaac

    read the dirictotions its a bracelet i love the wolves heads but as pewter should be its vary soft and i did not read the dirictions but its still wearble but it can break if you dont treat it right

  3. Mike M.

    Howling Valhalla – 9/10 This is a nice bracelet. Not too big and tacky but not too small or dainty – I am a man, and I like this very much. Easily adjustable using a little bit of heat (hair dryer, radiator, light bulb etc) to the bottom of the ‘(_)’ bracelet, and slightly squeeze the heads of the wolf by the ears and fit it custom. Fits a big wrist just fine, fits almost any wrist really. I’ve had mine for a year or so and the pewter has held up fine, not that I condone showering with it on or swimming. No tarnish, no green spots and no weird colors left on the skin. Great quality for a good price.
    If you’re on the fence, hop off it and get one.

  4. ofthegraves

    Had it for a years or more before it broke. Used it regularly, Pewter broke right in the bottom middle section because i opened/closed it too many time i guess. but still for the price its a good item.

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