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Devil’s Edge – Fighting Sgian Dubh with Damascus Blade


Battle Ready
(6 customer reviews)
Battle Ready

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    This Sgian Dubh has a forged blade of sharpened damascus steel. The grip is black-stained wood finished with brass studs. The bolster and pommel are brass and the sheath is thick black leather with a stitched construction and a riveted belt loop.

    This is a more rustic form of the Sgian Dubh and a practical fighting version of the often highly embellished forms typical of the later Highland Dress.

    An easily concealed self-defense knife, the Highlanders Sgian-Dubh was a trusty blade, ready to be drawn with a quick draw from a hidden, concealed pocket in his coat or stocking. Though he would surrender his weapons at the entrance of anothers home as a guest, the Highlander kept his Sgian Dubh on his person. He would have made it visible as a courtesy to his host, but even within his home he would keep it, though this was typically to ensure he was armed in the case of an armed incursion from foes from the outside, rather than fear of treachery from a trusted host..

    A matching Dirk for this Sgian Dubh is available separately and is linked with a thumbnail in the ”also available” section of this page.

    Overall Length7 3/8''
    Blade Length3 13/16''
    Weight4.6 oz
    Width21.3 mm
    Thickness4.4 mm - 3.7 mm
    P.O.B.- 5/8''
    Grip Length2 7/8''
    Blade [Damascus Steel]
    TypeSgian Dubh
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDevil's Edge
    Country of OriginPakistan

    6 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Fighting Sgian Dubh with Damascus Blade

    1. Daniel P Mitchell

      Freak’n awesome! This knife is bad-ass! It’s wicked sharp and the craftsmanship is great! I have replaced my K-bar folding tactical with this knife as my daily carrier knife, that’s how much I love it.

    2. Darrell Martens

      Good price, great quality! First let me start by saying that out of the 3 weapons I purchased at KOA, this is the only one that didn’t let me down. I sold my cheapo stainless knife I was carrying once this beauty came in. It comes decently sharp, for both cuts and thrusts. The perfect everyday use knife, at a very affordable price! The sheath is decent, maybe the belt strap is a bit thin, but then the blade is light so not a problem. My first damascus blade, I hope to have this my whole life!

    3. kyle ross

      looks as good as it feels the sheath and blade are fantastic to look at and use its definitely become a popular piece in my collection

    4. Fieldmouse830 (verified owner)

      Looks beautiful, quite sharp and very well crafted.

    5. Glyn

      Well crafted and sharp pairs well the dirk, and functions great as an everyday carry knife. I also wear it as part of my uniform as 42nd highlander and it hides nicely under my regimental jacket, which is what it’s supposed to do.
      I highly recommend this lovely knife!!

    6. Johnathan (verified owner)

      Great knife! Bit of a misnomer, this is a sgian achlais and came with a weird bevel that made the factory edge blunt, but once sharp, this thing is durable, compact, and holds an edge exceptionally. The factory edge is the only reason this isn’t 5 stars.

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