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Flanged Mace with Top Spike

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This ferocious looking Medieval flanged mace has a dozen flanges and a single big spike – Weighty and imposing, this is a weapon that would make even the most heavily armored of opponents begin to doubt the protection of their armor.

The flanged metal head is of high carbon steel and it is secured to a wooden haft that has been darkened with a wood stain. It has two rows of metal studs embedded in the wood.

Flanged maces were a direct response to the increase in the use of plate armor in the later Medieval period. The flanges were designed to catch a point on the opponents armor and to drive all the force of the blow into a single point. If this did not pierce the armor directly, the force of the strike could crush the armor inwards and literally batter and break a man within his armor. Many armors were designed to try to deflect the strike of weapons such as the mace and cause them to skip on its surface and deny the mace the opportunity to drive all its energy onto a single point. This was necessary, as even the best of armors could not adequately defend a warrior from the full and direct force of a strike from a mace such as this.

Please Note: The dimensions of this mace and shade of the wood stain for the haft may vary. These are handmade by the manufacturer and their process for this specific item routinely creates a product with varying shaft length and shape, and in some cases varying dimensions for the mace head and different overall shapes for the haft. The last photo illustrates some these differences, but be aware that differences which are not shown in the example photo are also possible. Please understand that our measurements for this item are to be taken as approximations.

3 reviews for Flanged Mace with Top Spike

  1. Louis K.

    Gorgeous and brutal! After I bent the one from Windlass, which had a hollow steel haft, I wanted one with a wooden haft. I must say that this mace feels sturdy. The head is brutally shaped, and because the haft is much less heavy, the item is far more top-heavy, making swinging it more challenging, but the force of a strike is certainly more powerful. It is a stout, and intimidating item. The wooden haft feels sturdy, and is shaped in such a way that is pleasing, but not overly ornate. The head is a monsterous piece of steel that would brutalize anything it strikes. If you are a particularly strong individual, one-handing this mace would be impressive, but the particular one I got is just long enough for 2 hands if needed. I understand the length and shape may vary, so I can’t speak for every piece. I am very glad I purchased this item. It is an excellent replacement for the smaller, lighter steel-hafted one I got for just under $90.

  2. Lord S.


  3. Joshua W. (verified owner)

    Easily the best item that I’ve bought from this website/store so far. The steel is definitely strong and much heavier than the vast majority of other “maces” that you will find on the market. Also wooden handles are easy to replace and don’t bend the way that cheap metal ones do. I would definitely recommend this product.

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