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Flitz Polish and Cleaning Kit – for swords, knives, armor and guns


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    Though intended for Guns and Knives, this Flitz metal cleaning and care kit works just as well on swords, daggers and armor. This Flitz kit has everything you need to clean up and protect your collection.

    This maintenance kit includes:
    1 Tube of Polish Paste (1.7 oz) – This polish will remove rust, fingerprints and other blemishes and is safe to use on a heat-blued finish.

    1 Bottle of Tactical Matte Cleaner (1.7 oz) – This degreasing formula will remove water spots, oily residue and fingerprints and will leave a flat, shine-free matte finish.

    1 Bottle of Wax Protectant (1.7 oz) – This wax is a non-abrasive, solvent free product with a Brazilian Carnauba and Beeswax base. It is excellent for preserving metal and imbuing it with a protective sealant coat. It is abrasive-free and safe to use on heat blued finishes, as well as other fine metal finishes. It will shine and protect against fingerprints, water stains, blood and rust.

    1 16 x 16 Premium Microfiber Cloth – This microfiber cloth allows you to polish, wax and finish without fear of the errant, small scratches that can occur when paper towels and rougher cloths are used on a fine metal finish.

    4 reviews for Flitz Polish and Cleaning Kit – for swords, knives, armor and guns

    1. glyn

      great stuff the polishing works really well and cleans up rust and black powder really well, its great to have, the cloth can be washed and used over and over, it’s not messy at all, which is a good thing. when i run out of the things in this package i’m going to order some more

    2. Shonen

      Kult Of Athena will ask at the end of every order you make if you would also like to purchase this. And for good reason. This stuff works. I’ve used it on every blade that’s passed through my hands to make sure they were ready for the new owner. And they even work for antique pieces are will, removing rust but leaving the patina untouched

    3. mattharris2010 (verified owner)

      Great product. This is perfect for cleaning and preserving anything from armor and swords to guns and knives. I’ll be picking it up regularly.

    4. Bryan Staab (verified owner)

      Perfect combo stuff for polishing, mainlining, cleaning, and keeping the edge oiled, etc. very happy with the products.

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