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Foot Soldier’s War Hammer

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This Late Medieval Foot Soldiers War Hammer has a head crafted from high carbon steel; it is pinned and riveted with its steel langets and pommel cap to a hardwood haft.

This late Medieval design is purpose-built for rending apart and puncturing the heaviest armors of the day. The long crows beak pick is ideal for puncturing helmets and armor, particularly when the opponent is dazed and vulnerable and the full force of the blow can be concentrated with minimal fear of the pick skipping or deflecting on the curved surfaces of armor.

The pronged, quadrangular hammer head is designed for bludgeoning heavy and well-contoured armor. The prongs are built to bite into the armor in multiple points to prevent deflection or a loss of power by the hammer skipping on the curved armor surfaces. By grabbing onto a plate with the prongs the full force of the blow could be transferred into the unfortunate target.

4 reviews for Foot Soldier’s War Hammer

  1. OwenEast72 (verified owner)

    First off, very affordable price for a war hammer. Feels nice in my hands and fairly authentic feeling as well, square haft and all. The weight is completely manageable with two hands or a slightly choked one handed grip if you’re feeling very strong. The head construction isn’t perfect, langets don’t line up perfectly, and the head twists left and right ever so slightly, but for this price I can’t really complain about that much. Swinging it feels nice, and fairly easy to slide my main hand down on the swing. Generates quite a bit of force, more than I was expecting, and I don’t feel like it’ll fall apart with hard repeated hits either. Overall, quite a nice piece for the price.

  2. Caleb Ashley (verified owner)

    I was quite surprised with the feeling of this hammer. Its a little heavy if used with just one hand but overall the construction and quality of the hammer is very robust. It has a slight tilt on the hammer head itself but not enough to notice without looking for it. I definitely recommend this hammer, especially since the price is affordable.

  3. Douglas Sweeney (verified owner)

    After waiting almost five months for my order I received my war hammer today. And it was worth the wait. The war hammer is very well constructed and I am sure it is a deadly weapon.
    Yes, I would buy it again.

  4. tylercpieschke (verified owner)

    Just received this beauty from Kult of Athena and it has already become one of my favorite items I have come to own. Deepeeka may not have the best reputation when it comes to their bladed weapons or fit/finish but there’s nothing to mess up on this brutally simple war hammer. I wanted something heavier than other war hammer offerings and this is just right! Balance is good, and fit/finish are decent for this price point. 5/5

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