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Lord of Battles – Gambeson Bracers – Natural


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    The forearms can be one of the more vulnerable parts of the body in a melee – many dueling techniques specifically target the forearm and in a melee they present a tempting target to foes when your arm is outstretched in a strike. These gambeson bracers are an easy way to add some armored protection to this area. On their own the thickly padded material gives cut and impact protection and when used as an underlying base layer for chainmail or plate armor optimal protection can be achieved which is superior to either type of armor when used on its own.

    These gambeson bracers have a shell which is crafted from thick and durable cotton cloth; their quilted design is thickly padded with material which is 85% organic cotton filler coupled with 15% miscellaneous fibers. They are laced onto the arms with an included black cord through integrated blackened metal eyelets.

    Overall Length10 1/4''
    Weight3.7 oz
    TypePadded Bracers
    ManufacturerLord Of Battles
    Country of OriginIndia


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