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German War Hammer

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This German War Hammer is replicated from an example in the German National Museum in Nuremberg. Features a high carbon steel head secured to the hardwood shaft with steel langets. The grip is finished with brass tracks for a secure grip.

Overall Length21 1/2''
Weight2 lb .4 oz
Width5 1/8''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

6 reviews for German War Hammer

  1. Cahill

    Windlass German War Hammer I’ve been wanting to add a Warhammer to my collection for a while now. Today I just got my German Warhammer, and this is a quality piece! There are other warhammers out there but there are several reasons why I chose this one. First off, the hammer head and langets are one solid piece. This means the head will not likely fly off the shaft when you swing. Second, the head and langets are made from a high carbon steel. Third, the langets and head are riveted to the shaft. I’m a lover of pieces that truly look medieval, and many other hammers are fastened together with modern screws. Fourth, this weapon is based on an existing museum piece- more kudos for those concerned with historical accuracy. This piece feels solid in hand. The shaft is robust and looks nice. The pick looks and feels sharper than the pictures led me to believe. A great weapon, especially for the price. Kult of Athena packaged it well and shipped quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT and WILL BUY FROM KOA AGAIN!!!

  2. Rick M.

    Great Deal, Awesome Weapon I’ve been collecting Medieval weapons for many years, but for some reason I never bought a war-hammer before. I’m sorry I didn’t get one sooner. For me the best part of collecting weapons is to get the sense of what war was like before we began killing each other from hundreds of yards, or even hundreds of miles away.
    This is no Ren-Fair costume piece. It is a historically accurate, brutal and deadly piece of Medieval warfare. There is no single weapon that imparts the true brutality of battle in the middle ages quite like the war-hammer.
    The four-pronged hammer head is designed to maximize force delivered from almost any angle, while the vicious spike would place an unbelievable amount of force to an area smaller than a pencil eraser. It’s low cost of production and extreme effectiveness either from horseback or on foot makes this a formidable weapon for knight, nobleman or peasant.
    The haft of this hammer is squared at the base, so it’s not very comfortable to grip. I will most likely round off the grip to make it easier to grip, and the brass tracks will keep it securely in my grip. The steel langets are well made and thick enough to protect the haft from being broken by whatever an unlucky opponent would be wielding.
    This a very inexpensive and authentic way to hold history in one hand, and know what our ancestors faced when the need to defend themselves was very, very real!

  3. GJ

    Very good hammer This hammer is great, especially for the price. The look is spot-on, and the brass accents just add to that. Weight and length are just right. It just feels GOOD. Downsides are the type of wood used in the haft and inconsistent fit and finish. The square grip is a bit uncomfortable for my hands, but that can be easily sanded to fit your own personal grip better. Overall, for the price, it’s probably the best warhammer you can find!

  4. Connor (.

    Great little hammer Purchased this hammer a while back and have done a lot of abusive tests with it. The crows beak held up very well just a couple of scuffs. However the head of the hammer has chipped a bit and one of the spikes came right off, I do not blame the manufacturer I was very abusive and the material i was testig on people wouldnt normally use. All in all a very good hammer if you want to start collecting or do some testing yourself.

  5. Shonen

    Solid piece. Handles both light and heavy targets well. Considerably light given the balance of a war hammer. I cannot speak on it’s effectiveness against armor as I passed it on before I could get my hands on something suitable

  6. Thomas Evans

    Nice hammer, tho swinging from the end can give nasty chock vibrations. My biggest surprise is that the steel is somewhat corrosion resistant, which is more than I expected. Mostly I’ve got it wet and dug in the dirt a bit. (It’s as good a tool as any for getting at certain roots, and the long handle means I don’t have to get on one knee.) More than I expected for the price!

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