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Gjermundbu Viking Helmet – 14 Gauge Steel

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This wearable helmet is made of 14 gauge steel with an all around mail attachment. Includes an adjustable leather linger with chin strap. Approximate size Large.

Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeOcular Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Gjermundbu Viking Helmet – 14 Gauge Steel

  1. Nate

    Great buy I recently bought this helmet and so far it has been amazing. The only issues I have had with it is that the spike on top is loose(I plan on cutting it off anyways, so no issue for me there.) and that the inside of the helmet, there is a bolt that attaches the spike, problem is, it goes down INTO the helmet. Very questionable deign in that regard, but if you pad it, it is no issue.

    The helmet is quite large, so I would only recommend this to people who are on the taller side and have a stocky build. My smaller skinny friend wore my helmet and he looked ridiculous.

    Another note is that the helmet is 14 lbs, so it will take some getting used to to be able to fight in it.

    With the ocularl, you actually have a really good Field of View, I was expecting my FoV to be smaller but i feel like I have about 150 – 160 degrees of vision.
    Also, make sure you know how to repair chainmaille, given that the chainmaille on the helmet is thin butted chainmaille, and the links aren’t connected together terribly well.

    Overall, a great buy for the price, and I would recommend this to a friend.

  2. Nick T.

    Looks very nice and is solid Looks fantastic, and fits nicely to my head. As the other review says, it is very heavy and 14 pounds seems to be about right.

    Unfortunately when it arrived, a strap in the liner was broken and I had to fix that. A bit of hot glue worked fine, though I’m not sure how long that will last. The spike on the top too is loose and spins around freely if you touch it.

    I put it on with a thin arming cap and I could easily shrug off a friend slamming it with his hand. From what i can tell it is a very solid construction.

    Overall I really am happy with this and everyone seems to like it.
    If you’re planning on purchasing this piece, make sure it will fit and remember that it is a very heavy helmet.

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