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Gothic Cuirass with Tassets


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    Surprisingly, armour can be pleasing to the eye and still be useful and defensive. Take, for example, the Gothic Cuirass with Tassets, which provides impressive protection for the core and legs while featuring a subtle yet attractive gothic style. This cuirass comes as a matched set, meaning that it includes both a breastplate and a back plate that are matched together. Both the breast plate and the back plate are made from 18 gauge steel that features a shiny metal finish that makes the armour all but gleam in the light. The breastplate features a multi-layered look with embossed edges, creating what appears to be a successive layering of plates that extends down from the chest and shoulders, gradually ”stacking” plate over plate until the waist, where the breastplate extends down over the thighs in the form of two mildly articulated tassets. The back plate features a similar design, although its plating gradually seems to ”stack” down until the middle of the armour, before ”stacking” back up towards the waist, ending with a slightly articulated band attached to the bottom of the back plate. Attached to the shoulders and sides of the breast and back plates are leather straps and buckles that are designed to secure the armor in place. Attached to the breastplate and the back plate are also buckles that can be secured to a gorget when worn (gorget is not included). Please note that the tassets are not removable from the armour. This armour is perfect for a variety of looks, ranging from knights to warriors to nobles and more, so if you need armour that features an impressive gothic style, then you’ll likely find this Gothic Cuirass with Tassets to be just what you need.

    Breasteplate: 32” long by 18” wide.
    Backplate: 23” long by 18” wide.

    These are measurements of the armour only, these measurements do not include the straps/buckles. Keep in mind that if you are wearing a gambeson or heavily padded shirt, to take your measurement while wearing the garment and order by that measurement.

    Gauge [18 Gauge]
    MaterialMild Steel
    ManufacturerEpic Armoury
    Country of OriginIndia


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