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Gothic Sallet Helmet – Dark Metal Finish

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One look at the Gothic Sallet Helmet – Dark Metal Finish and it’s easy to see why the sallet ended up becoming one of the more common helmets of the Middle Ages. Not only is this helmet very protective, but it can also be visually pleasing, as well. This particular sallet is modeled after the classic German Gothic style, which gives it an elegant design that features attractive fluting and ridge work that enhances the look of the armour while also reinforcing its strength. This sallet features a rounded top with a ridge down its centerline, as well as a ridged plate on the forehead that adds both visual appeal and additional protection. The bellows visor, named because of the breath cuts made on the visor, swivels up and down. The back of the helm features a series of lames secured together, creating an articulated plate array that protects the back of the neck. The interior of the helmet features leather lining as well as an adjustable leather chin strap, which is perfect for keeping the helmet secured and in-place when wearing it. The helmet features a striking dark metal finish, which gives the helm a rugged, textured look, as though it has been in use for ages. This dark metal finish is also rust resistant and protects the metal from impact and scratching, while also creating a wickedly cool ”dark knight” look for any warrior who wears it. It is available in medium or large. There is a reason that the sallet helmet, in design, remained around for centuries, and that is because armour like the Gothic Sallet Helmet – Dark Metal Finish is not only incredibly appealing to look at, but also incredibly effective at keeping its wearer relatively safe from harm.

Medium: 26” Cir.
Large: 28” Cir.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia

4 reviews for Gothic Sallet Helmet – Dark Metal Finish

  1. Mark M.

    Darkened sallet helm…. I very disappointed in the helm. It had several scratches, the biggest being one on the top ridge. Every time you opened the visor, it would dig in. I could get it on, but it was so narrow and tight I couldn’t even get my glasses on. Got the Dark Drake armor that same day. A medium is supposed to be a 44 to 46″ chest… was digging in so hard I nearly cut myself. I’m heartbroken.

  2. MARK Moore

    Seems to run small….. I ordered this helm to go with a set of ‘Dark Drake’ armor because it matches. They advertise a medium at 26″ circumference, I think. My head is 23-1/4″ around. I said ‘okay, that’ll do since it adjusts’. That thing wouldn’t fit AT ALL. Waaaaay to little, even after I let the liner all the way out. Measure ten times—–order once. Other than being micro-sized, this helm is beautiful. If your head is near the size of mine, get the large. If it’s too big get an arming cap, because the medium ain’t gonna work. Nice helm though. KOA STILL RULES!

  3. Roahn scifinutter

    Definitely runs small Overall a good helm, added lining is very appreciated BUT a big problem on sizing. Ran into exact same problem as Mark where my head runs around 22″, about 24″ with an arming cap. I got the large and it won’t even fit with the arming cap on.

    Nice and solid but FFS Epic, they need to fix their sizing. Matches perfectly with the “Dark Drake” armor set and has a much darker finish than you see in the photo.

  4. Mark M.

    I renounce my previous reviews…. Once I got this in size large….all problems solved. It’s actually a bit TOO BIG. I have plenty of room for a head-wrap (doo-rag) and a mail coif. I can even wear my glasses with the visor closed! And, yes, this helm is BLACK. I gave mine a scrubbing with a fine Scotch-brite pad, and now it looks really antique…like it should be in a museum case. Beautiful! The adjustment of size is made easier by using the foam strips that come with it. In my case, I needed more space in front…between the visor and my face. I put a thick strip behind the front of the liner, and that pushed the helm away from my face. Plenty of space now! A word of warning: The leather lining is pretty thin. Chain mail will chew it up pretty good. Use a thin cap on top of your mail coif to protect the liner. Fantastic Helm!!!………..McM

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