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Hanwei Dark Sentinel Sword

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Although not a historical sword, the Dark Sentinel is a handsome sword with a bite. It combines the slashing power of the Samurai Katana with the agility and thrusting ability of fine European dueling swords. Light and quick enough for single-hand fencing but with the ability to turn on awesome two-handed power. Features a sharpened carbon steel forged and tempered blade. The handle has a studded leather wrap.

Includes matching wooden scabbard with a back split to ensure that the sword can be drawn more easily from an angle.

Overall Length47''
Blade Length31 7/8''
Weight2 lb 5 oz
Width43.2 mm
Thickness6.1 mm - 3.2 mm
P.O.B.4 5/8''
Grip Length15 5/8''
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

8 reviews for Hanwei Dark Sentinel Sword

  1. Cody Engstrom

    Awesome sword poor sheath This is the only fantasy sword I own, I bought it because it remind me of fantasy movies from the 80s and early 90s. The sword is much longer then you would expect especially the handle which is nearly twice what it would be on other simaler sized swords.

  2. Rick M.

    Great deal on a good sword! I usually avoid fantasy style swords because they tend to be mostly for looks with performance as an afterthought. This is a huge exception to that thought.
    This sword is a solid cutter with good thrusting ability. The modest curve of the blade and a slight blade heavy balance makes for powerful cuts, especially when using both hands.
    The balance also allows for single hand use, but the sword comes into it’s own as a two handed weapon. The point is not so far off line as to interfere with thrusting, and the point geometry allows for powerful thrusts and very good penetration.
    It’s blade is longer than a katana, but cuts are similar. The point is much more like western swords, so fans of European or Asian swords will find this an easy sword to get used to.
    The bonus with this sword is the scabbard. At this price, scabbards are usually pretty pathetic. This scabbard is wood with a steel chape and throat. The sword is well protected, and the cut-out on the back allows for very fast draws, regardless of what others say about the “sheath”. At this price the scabbard is exceptional.
    If a solid performing sword with unique looks is something you want, this is as good as it gets for under 200 bucks (including delivery!) you are ever likely to find!

  3. Andy

    Great for beginners or the experienced I bought this as my first sword several years ago, and I’ve never regretted it. the steel is of good quality and the fit and finish are excellent, it balances easily in one hand and with the super extra long handle it has an amazing amount of leverage. The only piece of this sword that could be considered lacking is the tip, while it provides superior penetration it is extremely thin and because of it bends very easily, it’s not hard to fix but eventually it may need a more permanent solution.
    I highly recommend this sword for both beginners and the experienced, it’s a joy to handle and provides a solid platform for anyone to learn on no matter which culture they end up focusing more on later. Being such a hybrid it’s a true middle of the road experience, the hilt is reminiscent of a katana, and it can be used much like it. but it does equally well if someone’s style leans more towards the European approach, it is light enough to use as a sabre and long enough to try longsword styles. for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they want, this will serve them well

  4. Kordre

    Great Value, Near Perfect for Price I honestly can’t say that I have any complains for this sword, especially considering that it came to $138 with shipping. The first thing I always check when receiving a sword is the fit and finish. Everything any this sword checked out. There were no rattles or major gaps. The suede handle is also stitched which I didn’t notice in the pictures. Each rivet on my handle matches up pretty identical to the rivet on the other side. There were no scratches on the blade of any sort but I also think Hanwei uses machines? The sword is certainly pointy enough however there really wasn’t much sharpness to mine. I expect a few strokes on a whetstone and it’d be carving just fine. Other than a few swings in the room I haven’t gotten a chance to properly try it out but it definitely passes the eye test. I thought the guard was going to be pretty bland looking based on pictures but it actually doesn’t look to bad in person. Overall great sword and a unique piece to any collection.

  5. Zetsumeimary

    Don’t know where it came from, but it was free. I did not buy my Dark Sentinel from KoA, but instead had it given to me. Imagined my surprise when I found out that the “wall hanger” that was basically dropped into my hands was actually this beauty? At a glance it definitely reads “katana” but it has more in common with a kriegs messer/ grosse messer in over all design, which I like. The one issue I have with mine, is that the gaurd is a tad bit loose, but since the actual origins of my sword are unknown, I can’t complain. The price for the Dark Sentinel is spot on, and I wouldn’t mind paying it if I were to get a new one.

  6. Bob Murell

    A practical fantasy sword who would have thought of such a thing The sword handles very quickly and has done well on rolled up news print,mats and some branchs ( 1 inch oe so ) that attacked me. Feels much lighter in the hand than youd guess on a sword this side..It will need to be sharpened unless having a 4ft butter knife was your original intention ..BUT it takes and holds an edge well once given one.I was told once by a sword ‘ expert ‘ that how sharp swords should be…yeeeeah the price it is a huge bargin if you are a sword fan a collector a martial arts kinda person this sword will make you smile.

  7. Max R.

    Great, almost perfect for what it is. While looking for a battle ready swords online (tired of shinwa and others) when I came across the dark sentinel I was very intrigued, so I read up on it. It had many great reviews saying how durable it was and how the handle was much longer than a katana handle. I ordered it and got it two days later, I opened it up and it’s gorgeous, it’s honestly kinda intimidating with how thick the blade is at the base, and how long the thing is as a whole. I set up some bamboo and fruit, and proceeded to easily shave off thin strips with a double handed swing. The thin blade is great for cutting and it’s durable as well, for the price it’s a wonderful buy. Anyone can add it to their collection, whether fantasy or practicality.

  8. Shane

    Seven years ago this was my first sword. I bought it used with the handle cut down to 10in. Added weight in the handle makes it roughly the same as the stock, with the POB an inch and a half higher. I don’t think thats ideal for handling but it’s still very agile. The blade reminds me of a kriegmesser with a diamond cross section. And it has a distinct distil taper that makes it quite stiff. It’s an excellent cutter and thruster. And looks great, even though the handle isn’t really my style. It’s been abused, used as a sharpening trainer, allowed to rust, be repaired, and hacked on many many things. Aside from a few slight bends near the tip it’s still stands strong.
    My only complaint is the scabbard is not that great. But for the price I’m surprised you even get one.

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