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Hanwei Hand and a Half Sword


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    Replicated from a sword thought to be that of Albrecht II of Austria, the Paul Chen Hand-and-a-Half Sword represents the pinnacle of beauty and balance in medieval swords. Classically simple in design with a flattened diamond-section blade and cruciform hilt, the original dates from the early part of the 15th century. The Lion Rampant emblem of the Habsburg dynasty is engraved in the pommel, while the Passau Running Wolf guild mark and a marigold makers mark appear on the blade fuller. Both the grip and the scabbard are leather covered over wood. Features a sharpened carbon steel blade.

    Overall Length44 1/2''
    Blade Length35''
    Weight3 lb 2 oz
    Width50.1 mm
    Thickness6.4 mm - 3.2 mm
    P.O.B.4 3/4''
    Grip Length6 5/8''
    TypeHand and a Half Sword
    ClassBattle Ready
    CultureMovies, TV, Video Games
    Country of OriginChina

    4 reviews for Hanwei Hand and a Half Sword

    1. Evan

      I bought one of these twelve years ago and it has been utterly fantastic. Holds up well to test cutting and beating around. This sword in particular is a paragon of the idea “best bang for your buck”. Could bot recommend enough.

    2. alientude

      I really enjoy owning this sword. It’s a well-made replica of an existing sword documented by Ewart Oakeshott as XVIIIa.1 in Records of the Medieval Sword, and is very well-made. The balance and handling are good, the edge is sharp, and it’s just plain fun to use. It’s also what I consider to be a very handsome sword. Highly recommended.

      A full video review with more in-depth thoughts available here:

    3. Newarcher (verified owner)

      I have the hanwei cawood sword, I love it, its fuller is off slightly but I’m not dissapointed, now this Albrecht II sword I recieved is awsome, really, sword and scabbard, I find no faults. Quality made, weight and weight distribution is right on, factory edge sliced through paper but could be sharper, I find it good enough. Very solid feel, definitely not dissapointed, I do look for micro discrepancies and really found none, I do recommend this sword.

    4. Tomi Lakkinen

      This Sword is very very good sword of this price range and ballance is real good, blade is paper cutting sharp, dimensions are quite good and very truthfull to historical exambles of this type (Oakeshott type XVIIIa) hand and a half sword, that type swords can also found as longswords and one handed swords too. Peen is one of the best i have seen in low or middle range production swords, and as said before i have seen and handled a lot, like a hundreds and owned my self 110 swords in total, Also handle and scabbard is very good actually has not seen this goodly made before at this price range and its rare even in couple hundred more costly swords, usually seen only in higher end swrods, likewise leather both in handle and scabbard is much better quality than usually anywhere near this price range Only thing I don’t like and from which I give minus points is pommel size more accuraty i mean the thickness of it the actual size of that is the truthfully to the historical example,

      Distal taper and other dimensions of MY Hanwei Albrecht II hand and a half sword
      Distal taper/Blade thickness…
      On the guard 6.0mm .
      Middle of the blade 4.7mm,
      on the tip 2.6mm(measured about 0,5 cm from ACTUAL tip as it should be, more accurate the point where the tip stars to taper)
      Weight 1..4kg(without scabbard)
      Point of ballance 12cm from the guard
      Scabbard weigth 367g
      Length 111cm 3mm
      Blade lenght 88,5cm
      Handle length (actual handle 17.2cm) with pommel 23.3cm
      Crossguard length 18,2cm
      Centre of percussion exact 60cm from the guard
      Point of Ballance 11.2 cm from the guard
      blade width: On the guard 5.0cm. Middle of the blade 3.6 cm. On the tip 1.5 cm (on the point where tip starst to taper)
      All dimensions are taken at the point where they are usually taken in general, I have not applied or cheated on

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