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Hanwei Mercenary Sword

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The Mercenary is an imposing sword in the 15th century style. It features a triple-fullered high carbon steel blade, steel S-curve guard and scent stopper pommel. The grip is hardwood covered in black leather. Includes a hard cored scabbard covered in black leather with steel accents.

Overall Length47 1/4''
Blade Length35 1/8''
Weight4 lb 5.5 oz
Width51.8 mm
Thickness5.6 mm - 4.7 mm
Grip Length8 3/4''
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

4 reviews for Hanwei Mercenary Sword

  1. David

    A trusty beater Bought mine in (I think) 2012. Definitely a sturdy sword, but it’s never been very good at cutting. The blade geometry doesn’t allow for a very fine edge, and the balance makes the sword want to thrust anyway. It’s a pretty good thruster though, and I’ve never been worried about the tip bending or breaking in any way (probably meant to be an armor-piercing type blade). This is a tough blade that’s great to hit things with. Just be prepared to absorb the shock of any cuts you attempt, because the sword probably won’t go through the target too often.

  2. David H.

    Strong and good for its price I purchased this sword a few years back and am overall completely happy with it.

    It’s not exactly historically accurate but it’s historically plausible. It’s a very heavy, sturdy blade that takes strength to use for long periods.

    I do have a few issues with it but they in no way detract from the sword or what it delivers.
    The grip is a bit uncomfortable for my average sized handa but someone with larger hands than mine is likely to find it comfortable to use.
    Also, after a bit of test cutting, the guard became just loose enough to rattle. Despite that, the overall construction and solid peening have kept this from becoming an actual problem, more a minor inconvenience.

    Despite these minor issues, this is a strong man’s sword and intended to be used heavily. I would definitely recommend it to beginners looking for something strong to get them started.

  3. Kevin R.

    Impressive I love the look and feel of this blade. Solid construction, rugged 1566 steel blade, and a beautiful weapon besides with accents like the ‘S’ curved guard and large scent-stopper pommel. You will not be disappointed!

  4. David B.

    Good sword for a Good price Great blade, beautiful design, and excellent construction (minus some small blemishes on the handle wrap. The blade is on the heavier side but defiantly still manageable and the grip fits my hand very well (i have pretty big hands). Out of the box the sword doesn’t come paper cutting sharp but still has a serviceable edge on it, still watch out for the tip its still wicked sharp, all in all i would recommend this blade if you think you can handle its might.

    side note: the tip of the scabbard isn’t secured on very well and any real tension on it will pop it off i had to glue mine back on, structurally the scabbard is golden though, even holds the blade in upside-down

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